The Buzz: New Car Edition 7324

The Buzz: New Car Edition


Hello Community!

Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ.

In this week's edition, you'll find:

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  • And more!

You know that feeling of riding in a new car.  That clean smell.  The feeling that you're driving something nobody else has been in before.  It's all yours.  Ahhh, what a feeling.

Well, now you can have that feeling here in community.  Because last month, as you may have noticed, we launched a brand new look here in the Blackbaud Community.  So roll the windows down, stick your head out, and take it for a spin!

While we hope you are enjoying the new Community experience, we have noticed the number of searches dropped last month and we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to search in Community. The search bar is now a button just above the discussions. You can type in what you are looking for now and sort it by your topics and by topics with no responses. You can also search hashtags like #renxt, #community, #email, etc.


Give it a try and let us know what you think about the new search feature.

And if you still have questions, please join us for the Blackbaud Community Open House on December 10th.
(RSVP here:

And now, on to The Buzz...



The New Blackbaud Community is Here!

K-12: Award response is now completely online!

ETAPESTRY: Improved Data Sharing between JustGiving and eTapestry for donations made through Guest Checkout

After the Session: Blackbaud Grantmaking : The New Sky View

FINANCIAL EDGE: Upcoming Changes For The New 1099-NEC Form

FENXT: After the Session: Making Projects and Grants Work for You

BLACKBAUD GUIDED FUNDRAISING: How Have You Pivoted During The Pandemic?

LUMINATE ONLINE: How To Do More with Luminate Success Kits

Using RENXT And Salesforce? Help Me, Help You!

SKY DEVELOPER: Changes To The Payments API




Maximizing Your TeamRaiser Event Software (December 9)

RAISER'S EDGE NXT Webinar: Streamline Gift Processing with NEW Receipt Management Features (US ONLY) (December 9)

BLACKBAUD ALTRU: Attribute Form Extensions (December 9)

FINANCIAL EDGE NXT: End of the Year Review: Are you using it all? (December 10)

RAISER'S EDGE NXT Webinar: Time For Your Physical - How To Evaluate & Improve The Health Of Your Database (December 15)

FINANCIAL EDGE: Throw Back Thursday: Audit Prep Series: End of Year and Quarter Processes (December 17)

FINANCIAL EDGE NXT: Top Tips & Processes For End of Year Audit Prep (December 17)


Blog Community News 12/03/2020 4:27pm EST

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Thanks for the reminder!
Beagles!!!! ?
lol the question mark was supposed to be the heart-eyes emoji
Will you be recording the 12/10 Open House?
Yes, David.  Elizabeth has informed me that we will be.
Thanks Ray!  David Hazeltine‍ the recording are in the comments under the event:
Thank you!!
Thanks for all the info! It's going to take a bit to get used to the new look, but it seems really awesome :) I appreciate you!
Love the dog pictures!  I have a Boston Terrier, so I always love dogs with cute little faces like the Boxer.   Thanks for the info on the search button - so important for the Community!