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Holiday Points-a-Palooza!


Hi Community!

We are gearing up for the holidays and we know this time of year is busy for a lot of people. We wanted to give back to you, our wonderful community, by holding a two week - Holiday Points-a-Palooza!

Want to know more???


For the next two weeks - actions you take in Community will be worth a LOT more points!

Here's a chart of the breakdown:


You've heard of Elf on the Shelf - well, this week there is a Elf in Community! If you find him, click on him and it will take you to a page letting you know how you can score 1,000 points with one action in Community. Be on the lookout, our Elf could be hiding anywhere in Community.

We are excited to boost your points in the last part of 2020. You might be wondering - what good are points in Community? Good question!

When you earn points you rise up in the ranks. Did you know you can earn certain badges just based on points? From Rookie all the way up to Legend!

Here's a look at the badges and the points it takes to get them:


Starting in 2021, we will have a new badge for those over 100,000 points. 

Once you hit the Leader and Legend status, you could be asked to join our Community Advisory Group, which is a group of people we run new Community features by. This year, our CAG got to test out and see the new Community in advance! We are also working on other rewards for points earners like new badges, swag, and cool opportunities in the Community. 

Have fun earning beaucoups of points over the next few weeks and we look forward to seeing you rise up in the ranks. If you want to watch the leaderboard with us - it's HERE in Community.

Are you excited to play? What's your points goal? Do you have any questions about earning points? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you find our Elf, don't spoil the hunt for everyone else and post its location. 
Blog Community News 12/08/2020 9:00am EST

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  Happy Happy and Merry Merry indeed!  Thank you!
Thanks!  Hoping to hit the 20,000 point mark.
Happy busy time everyone!
David Lyle David Lyle Dec '20
What a great idea!  Thanks and have a Merry CHRISTmas everyone!
Rick Geyer Rick Geyer Dec '20
Oh what fun! Thanks Crystal!
I'd love to sign up for CAG! I think I have a goal range (as Sunshine Watson‍ said - it is a busy busy time) for my points goal. I've already exceeded my original goal for the year so now I'll see if I can jump to 35,000 with a high goal of 40,000. The extra points you are offering might just make that possible. What a gift ?
We'd love to have you!
Could you please verify the date on the elf?
Marie Stark‍  yep! Elf is in place and will be through EOD on Wednesday. Then next week look for him again for a new action on Monday, he'll be around through EOD on Wednesday, Dec. 16th.
THanks, I was asking because it says Wed Dec 8. .    Wed is the 9th.
good catch! Fixed on the page. Thanks!
Dan Snyder Dan Snyder Dec '20
ooh, a fun game and points! I like it. That elf will get me to 20K too!
How fun!  
This looks fun. Thanks!
This sounds like a lot of fun!
I love these fun things you guys come up with!
Yahoo! Happy holidays all :)
Very fun! 
Fun! Good incentive for me to really get into the community!
How fun!
Chris Vaz Chris Vaz Dec '20
Great idea and so much fun!
Sounds like fun!
Woo! Excited to slap the Master badge on my 'file.