The Buzz: Best Co-Worker Edition 7384

The Buzz: Best Co-Worker Edition


Hello Community!

Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ.

In this edition, you'll find:

  • News In The Community
  • Upcoming Events
  • A new look for community badges!
  • And more!

When you think about how life has changed in the last year, there's one group who couldn't be happier with the way the world has changed; our pets. How many of you have dogs or cats that have spent the last several months growing closer to you and enjoying your company more? When looking through a Google search of positive news, it's refreshing to know that many animal adoption centers are running out of pets from the sheer amount of adoptions.  Waiting lists are now common when looking to adopt a pet. 

So who is YOUR office assistant / pet?  We'd love to see pictures of your pets in the comments below!  Don't have a work companion but love pets? We'd also like to hear about your favorite animal shelters, so give them a shout out and include a link to their website below. 

And now, on to THE BUZZ!


JUST ANNOUNCED; bbcon 2021 is going to be a virtual conference.  We'd like to know what kind of content you'd like to see at this year's conference.

Notice anything different about your badges in Community?  Some of the classic Blackbaud Community badges are getting a refresh - have a look at your profile page and see for yourself!

Have you seen the Community jobs board lately?  Whether you're looking for a new career or looking for someone to fill a hole at your organization, our jobs board is on fire!



BLACKBAUD CRM & BBIS: 4.0 SP26 Hotfix 1 Available For Download

K-12: Five Tips for Creating a Policies and Procedures Guide

BLACKBAUD FUNDRAISER PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Congratulations to the FY20 Prime Officer and Peak Performance Institutions

Changes To The Payments API

ResearchPoint Export Tips: Creating An Export Definition With Attributes



JANUARY 19,20,21: Virtual Roundtable Events for Community Foundations

JANUARY 19: Emerge Stronger in 2021 with JustGiving's online fundraising

JANUARY 20: Managing Updates For Your Blackbaud TeamRaiser Integration with Facebook Fundraiser

JANUARY 21: Understanding your system: Business Rules and Configuration

JANUARY 25: Raiser's Edge NXT Webinar: Make Data Health Your New Years' Resolution - Deceased Finder Edition *US ONLY*

JANUARY 26,27,28: Virtual Roundtable Events for Community Foundations

JANUARY 26: Build Your P2P Strategy

JANUARY 26: Blackbaud Grantmaking Sky View Virtual Open Office Hours

JANUARY 27: Saving Peer-to-Peer Events in 2021

JANUARY 28: Emerge Stronger in 2021 with JustGiving's online fundraising

JANUARY 28: Starting the Year with Success

FEBRUARY 2: Emerge Stronger in 2021 with JustGiving's Online Fundraising



Do you have questions regarding Community and your experience here?  Your Community Management Team would LOVE to answer them for you.  Be sure to RSVP to meet with us at our upcoming Community Open House as we tackle your questions and topics related to the Blackbaud Community!
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Zoe is slacking on her supervisory job.
Lucy lying down on the job
Lucy lying down on the job
This is Mew 
Good to hear BBCON21 is virtual again ?
Love the new badge looks!
David Lee David Lee Jan '21
Thank you Ray for these new updates.   Also love the new badge looks.

My co-worker got up at 4am to attend the opening session of BBCon with me :-)
Chris Vaz Chris Vaz Jan '21
Impossible to work
Sebastian, my co-worker, making it impossible to work.

This was my coworker when I was working from home. He participated in conference calls (the only way to get peace and quiet when on one) and made sure to demand frequent snack breaks.  
Needless to say he was not pleased when I returned to work in June.  I have to say, I miss him being there on a daily basis, it was entertaining.
My one coworker is always stealing my chair...
Hazel stealing my chair
...the other one always wants to go on a break outside
Luna hanging in the shrubs
My co-worker's co-worker

Here is my work buddy.
my coworkers -- 
Looks like my Bandit!
Black cats rock! 
gorgeous fur babies!
Love the badge refresh!
Agreed. They rock.
I love the refresh too!
Yes, its very cool.