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The Buzz: February 9, 2021


Pop in to the Blackbaud Community to experience your lightbulb moment with a helpful piece of content you did or did not know you needed from your peers that could bring you some inner peace!

This week in the Blackbaud Community you have a chance to chime in and share what your organization is doing to celebrate Black History Month in the Organizational Best Practice Community, RSVP to one of the three Community Open Houses and check out these member’s profile pages to learn from their helpful bookmarked content.

Therese Morris (OLX, RE, RENXT, Sky Developer, K-12)
Kadesha Washington (Luminate)
JoAnn Strommen ( NetCommunity, OLX, RE, RENXT, Target Analytics, Organizational Best Practices)
Jenna Jones (OLX, RE, RENXT)
Karintha Marshall (OLX, RE, RENXT, Smart Tuition, K-12)
Kim McAmis (OLX, RE, K-12)
Lauren Marcus Einsenberg (CRM, NetCommunity, FE, FENXT, OLX, RE, RENXT, Target Analytics, K-12)

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This week's new information in The Blackbaud Community…

New posts: New Job Listings: Member Appreciation: RSVP to New Events: Visit our Virtual Water Cooler “The Tap” and share what brings you inner peace or any of our other just for fun questions.

On a personal note, as I looked around the Blackbaud Community to find the most “helpful” pieces of content for you, the word peace kept popping in my head. It is uplifting to see all the peace of mind you give each other by sharing your knowledge, encouragement, dismay, ideas, and camaraderie within this community. I wish you all moments of peace this week.

Elizabeth Perron
Blog Community News 02/10/2021 9:25am EST

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Such a peaceful message, thanks Elizabeth!
Great post Elizabeth!  I love the format of this message.  It was really easy to read.  Thanks :)
Thank you!! 
Thank you!!