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The Buzz: February 18, 2021


Hello Community!

Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ.

In this edition, you'll find:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Job Listings
  • A new Community Badge
  • And more!

Often times, when you create a topic on the Blackbaud Community, you can get several answers from fellow community members. With so many answers, we want to recognize the responses that lead to a resolution. Allow us to introduce to you the Acknowledger Badge!


We're looking for members to review their questions that you have asked in the community and mark the best response to your topic as "Best Answer".


With 5 different levels to the new Acknowledger Badge, the more you mark the best answers to your questions, the higher rank you will achieve. Thank you to our Blackbaud Community Ninjas for helping name this badge. If you're looking to level up your community experience, join us by becoming a Community Ninja!

Hey, isn't that awesome??

In my daily search of the internet for all things positive, I found a great story about the legendary Alex Trebek. Trebek, the long-time host of the popular tv game show Jeopardy! recently passed away after a long fight with pancreatic cancer. But even in death, Alex is making a difference. Well, in this case, his wardrobe is. A portion of Alex's suits from the show have been given to “under-served Americans” coping with addiction, homelessness, and a history of incarceration. His family made the donation of the suits with the idea to help them in the interview process as the look for new jobs. Read all about it and post inspirational stories that you've come across here:

Discussions In Community:

ALTRU: Address Finder Best Practices

FINANCIAL EDGE NXT: What do other do with budgets and budget checking?

RAISER'S EDGE NXT: Do you have RE champions within your organization?

TARGET ANALYTICS: How to mass sync records after Address Finder runs

Bonus Points: Answer an Unanswered Question! We'll be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week.

Recurring Gift Entry in RE - anyone using an automated process?

Text.Gives Anyone Using It?

What do others do with budgets and budget checking?

Featured Jobs Listings:

Director of Accounting - Austin, TX or Remote

Philanthropic Engagement Associate - National Women's Law Center

Advancement Services Manager (Database Manager) - New Jersey

Executive Director of Advancement Services - Garden City, NY

Philanthropy Systems Manager, Maine Medical Center

Find all the submitted jobs listings at the Blackbaud Community Jobs Listings Board

Upcoming Events:

Emerge Stronger in 2021 with JustGiving's Online Fundraising (Feb 23)

The Blackbaud Community Open House (Feb 24)

Live Online Event: Learnings from the Adoption of The Cloud Solution for Community Foundations (Mar 2)

Recurring Email Campaigns: Don’t Set It And Forget It (Mar 3)

See the entire Blackbaud Community Events Calendar:
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David Lee David Lee Feb '21
Nice job team 
what is the easiest way to find your posts?
I figured it out - via filter on post area 
So, has the "Best Answer" option been deployed yet? I cleared my browser cache and reloaded pages but I never see that option. ?

Edit - Nevermind, I'm being a dufuss. I was hoping we could help the OP by marking items as best answer, but these options only show up on our own posts. 
Image result for badges gif
Love the new badge!
Awesome incentive re: answering questions that have gone unanswered. Cool new badge, too!
New badge got me like Happy Dance GIF