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Crystal Clear: It's Time To Acknowledge!


In this edition of Crystal Clear, we take a look at the Community's newest badge up for grabs and let you know about the new member leaderboard page!

This Community is based on the founding principle that members succeed through the help of others.

The new Acknowledger badge is awarded when a member marks a question as answered. There are five different levels of the badge that you can achieve. Marking all of your questions that receive a helpful answer will help you move up in levels.

Marking a question as answered is easy, here are the steps to take:

1) Go to your question in Community
2) Go to the reply that you feel best answers your question
3) Click on the three dots and click "best answer."

There you go! Simple as that.

If you'd like to read more on the levels you can achieve with this badge, click the Badge Glossary.

I'd like to recognize the Acknowledgers. Last month, we had 89 questions marked as answered. 40 members took that action and earned their badge. That's awesome!

If you'd like to see who earned their badge, check out our NEW member leaderboard page.

This month's leaderboard page features our top Facilitators, top active RENXT members, and our Acknowledgers.

The new leaderboard will feature different Community members every month, so keep an eye out on the Buzz each week to see who will be featured next and work your way onto the board!

Are you excited about the new Acknowledger badge? Do you have another badge idea you'd like to see in Community? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Acknowledging!
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Thank you! 
Great reminder!  I went to my Community Dashboard and resolved several very old questions and added more content to those that hadn't been resolved.  Thanks again :)
Sounds great! (*hides disappointment that this wasn't a blog about Crystal Reports ?)
The irony of me having the same name as Crystal reports is not lost!
David Lee David Lee Mar '21
This is a great new feature.   Thanks for sharing it.
Thanks for the info!!