Happy 6th Birthday To The Blackbaud Community! 7602

Happy 6th Birthday To The Blackbaud Community!


Please say Happy Birthday to you! As a Blackbaud Community Member, you are part of our 6th Birthday Celebration of a consolidated Blackbaud Community. We are also celebrating 100, 000+ members. Click here to share what you love about the Blackbaud Community.

In honor of our 6th birthday, we are launching our Yellow Ninja Badge to honor our Community Experts who are consistently coming into Community to engage!

Here is what you have to do to become an elite yellow ninja:

1) Be a ninja. You can start your training here!
2) Give 20+ likes a month on any question, reply, blog, or anything where you can smash that like button.
3) Respond to at least 5 questions a month. This can include discussions in organizational best practices and Just for Fun.
4) Send 10+ friend requests a month. You can always welcome our new members by going to the members section and see who joined today!
5) Make sure your bookmarked content is up to date. Other members are looking at your profiles to see what you are reading.
6) Respond to all comments your profile wall.

That’s it to earn the Yellow Ninja Badge.

If you want to keep the Yellow Ninja Badge, complete steps 2-6 within the calendar month. We will award the badge on the 1st of each month.

This is what the badge looks like:


We will be awarding our first round of ninjas on Monday, May 1st because we know many Ninjas already complete these steps!
Tip: Keep this blog bookmarked and handy to make sure you complete the tasks before the last day of each month.

Yellow and green ninjas get special privileges in Community! We are outlining rewards now, but one we can share is joining an elite group of VIPs for bbcon 2021.

We also want to recognize our green ninjas, those ninjas are members who go above and beyond.

This month, we are adding three new green ninjas to the squad.
Congratulations to:

Amy Dana! Amy has been a member of Community since its inception. She’s also been a speaker at bbcon and a proud ninja. She’s a helpful member, always willing to lend an ear and assist others in their queries. Amy says she is a book nerd and a horror film afficiando. Hop on over to her page and ask her what her favorites are!
Karen Tuecke: Karen is a delight to have in Community. She’s also a long time member (since 2015!) and you can often find her helping out our eTapestry members. Karen has a cat named Yoda! She will probably share a pic if you ask her to.
Karintha Marshall: Karintha consistently answers her K-12 Community member questions, encourages them with emojis and has a bookmark library on her profile page that will knock your socks off. She brings value to this community by "marking questions as best answer" so others can quickly identify answered questions to learn from throughout the Community. She provides valuable ideas on how the Community can evolve.

Congratulations to this month’s newest green ninjas!

Please give an emoji if you are interested in becoming part of our Blackbaud Community Ninja Program!
Please comment on this blog to let us know what you think about the Yellow Ninja Program to thank our consistent Community experts or you can just wish the Community Happy Birthday!

Your Community Managers!
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Hello Friends! Couple of questions about the Yellow Ninja badge. Is there any way to track the number of likes you receive? Or the number of friends requests you send? I went into my friend requests to see if any new members had accepted, and since they hadn't, I couldn't find to whom I'd sent a request.

Hi Judy, I am playing around with some things on the back end to see if I can find a “tracker” for how many likes and friend request you've given. I'll get back to you soon.

Congratulations to the newest green ninjas!! Happy Birthday Blackbaud Community!! I will be working on leveling up my ninja! I am so happy to see Blackbaud Community grow! This is a great resource!!! ?

Congratulations Amy, Karen, and Karintha! Happy Birthday BB Community! Thank you for making the connections I build here so much fun :)

Congratulations Amy, Karen, and Karintha! I'm working on my Ninja badge and hope to earn it soon. And happy birthday BB Community! What a great resource!

Question about bullet 6: Respond to all comments your profile wall.
Does an emoji count as a response? Sometimes a text response just seems unnecessary. Thanks!

On your own profile wall, yes an emoji is ok. In the general community? emojis don't / should not be considered real answers that can be counted as “best answer”

Congratulations, Ama, Karen and Karintha! Way to help fellow community members.

I'm liking the Ninja program out here. Maybe I'll look into trying to become one. ?

Congratulations Amy, Karen and Karintha!!! Well deserved!

I love the Yellow Ninja idea and am looking forward to seeing how many new Ninjas we get!

Happy 6th anniversary Blackbaud Community. I may not be a very active “posting” member, but i am a good follower to what is sent within the community.
Unfortunately, we as an international customer, are facing lots of issues with Blackbaud currently. Just a few to mention:
1- Very poor support.
2- Most if not all maintenance windows occur during our working hours, and most of them take place within very busy business days, which give us a lot of “Business Down” days.
3- Decomissioning both “Payroll” & “Student Billing" modules, with such a very short notice.
4- Very slow and delayed communication & responses.
5- Most if not all, Blackbuad partners only serve the US based customers, nearly nothing is supporting the international customers.

I have always though of Blackbaud as a great international company that really honors all her customers, but now I have my doubts, specially that i feel like they are trying to close thier international market and just focus on the US based one.

My school is currently in a very bad situation because of the above mentioned points, beside so many other points.

I really don't know to whom shall I communicate ?

Happy happy anniversary, Blackbaud Community! Thank you for creating a wonderful group of people, always willing to help and lean on each other. Grateful to have connected with you all (and looking forward to getting that Yellow Ninja badge!) :)

You go get that badge, Jess!! So much fun in the community.

Very disappointed in Altru. I have been trying to get out of my contract and they won't let me. They are killing small business!

Hi Jacqui Corsi,

I am sorry you are having a confusing time. Of course, you are welcome to vent in the Community to your peers. I just want to make sure you are aware since this is a peer-to-peer website, the best place to voice your concerns is with your account manager.

All the best,


It's amazing what one little meeting request to a VP at Blackbaud who recognized the need by a guy that came over to Blackbaud from Convio has now turned into! I loved every minute of advocating for our clients to have a value-driven community resource. Everyone involved over the past 6 years have really set it apart as a tremendous resource! Well done!

Thanks Kent!! It's amazing how much it has grown in just six years.