Last chance to submit a proposal to speak at bbcon 2021 Virtual! 7619

Last chance to submit a proposal to speak at bbcon 2021 Virtual!

bbcon 2021 Virtual Call for Speakers closes tomorrow! Don’t worry, you still have time to submit your proposal. We’re searching for a diverse group of inspiring and dynamic online presenters who want to inspire others and share real knowledge and proven expertise with social good professionals across the world. Don’t miss bbcon 2021 Virtual this October 13–15, 2021. Submit your proposal to speak now!

The deadline to submit a proposal is April 23, 2021.

Need a little help preparing your proposal? Check out these helpful tips from Nikki!
Nikki Baldwin is a Blackbaud senior product marketing manager and five-time leader of bbcon’s Financial Management track. Below are a few of Nikki’s tips on what makes an inspiring session:
  • Catchy titles are great, but clear descriptions avoid confusion and ensure people are in the right place when your session starts. Make sure your passion for the topic shines through!
  • List the top three to five things you expect attendees to apply to their work in the “Learning Objectives” field. This helps attendees know what to expect.
  • Based on attendee feedback, sessions that add value and provide best practices score very high. Real-world scenarios with relevant examples are well-received.
Read more tips likes these in Nikki’s blog, Tips for Creating an Inspirational Must-Have bbcon Session Proposal.

bbcon 2021 Virtual Call for Speakers Details
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I am hoping the sequel to “What is a Database Manager (anyway)” gets picked up this year!

@Elizabeth Johnson I am a helper/cheerleader for the group of amazing database superstar speakers proposing this session this year, and it should be an awesome sequel with new answers to that question!

@Sunshine Watson You all were great last year! I would definitely attend again.