Just Released! Blackbaud’s 2020 Social Responsibility Report 7624

Just Released! Blackbaud’s 2020 Social Responsibility Report


Blackbaud recently released the 2020 Social Responsibility Report! In this third annual report, learn more about how Blackbaud responded to the challenges of COVID-19, watch inspiring customer and volunteer stories and read more about Blackbaud's commitment to advancing ESG Practices. Click here to watch this short clip from Blackbaud's president and CEO, Mike Gianoni...

Recently, we announced the release of the Blackbaud 2020 Social Responsibility Report! Last year presented a unique opportunity to rethink change—for our customers, for us as individuals, and for Blackbaud as a company. In this report we demonstrate how our companies and employees responded to the impacts of COVID-19 and how we used an environment of tremendous change to drive powerful impact toward our higher purpose. We were proud to support our customers in their vital work to seek justice and adding our voice to the chorus calling for change, while intensifying our own efforts to build a fair and inclusive workplace.

In our third annual report, learn more about how Blackbaud has made tremendous steps toward some of the commitments we have shared recently, such as Blackbaud Forms Steering Committee to Advance ESG Practices and Blackbaud Joins the United Nations Global Compact, Building on its Commitment to ESG. We are also pleased to release a new section on ESG metrics and indicators related to our ESG goals and share how we are committed to leading by example and transparent reporting on our progress.

Watch this short clip to hear a few words from our president and CEO, Mike Gianoni...

At Blackbaud, giving back is one of our core values and we continue to evolve in our journey in how we care for our people, the environment, and how we show up as a socially responsible company. All of this and more is highlighted in this year’s report. Read the full report today.

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I am also wondering as are many of my colleagues at charities across Canada and assuming around the world why we are paying for the investment of software development by being charged a Payment Enablement Fee. I can only imagine the millions of dollars this is producing for BB, I am not a happy customer!

Just wondering why your customers were awarded for their great work by having a Payment Enablement Fee during current contracts?