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The Buzz: June 2, 2021


Hello Community!

Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ.

In this edition, you'll find:

  • Impressive data in Community
  • Spotlight on members
  • Lots of upcoming events
  • Score Points for Answering Questions
And more!

We recently celebrated Community’s birthday and achieving the goal of reaching 100,000 members. Our numbers continue to grow in size, we are now well over 101,000 members!

I know we all love data in this Community, so I wanted to pass along some impressive data points. #Datanerds

We launched the consolidated Blackbaud Community in 2015. Since that time, our members have posted 32,748 questions. They have also responded 100,993 times. That is an average of almost three replies for every question. Reach around and pat yourselves on the shoulder for being astronomically awesome!

As we grow, we make weekly small changes based on your suggestions to improve the ease of how-to Community. You can follow the weekly platform changes here. If you have an idea to share or just want to support others’ ideas to make this Community a place where best practices flow and networks are formed please start a new topic HERE! We look forward to implementing as many of your suggestions as we can.


Every Thursday at 12pm EST we facilitate a Community Open House, where we show and tell the top five ways to get the most out of the Blackbaud Community and answer any of your questions. All members are welcome, you don’t have to be new😊 I learn something new each time and I’m one of the Community experts! We hope to be with you there!

Current Members, Please use the filters on the member search tool to friend and welcome a new member who you have something in common.


Humans have always been fascinated with the ability to fly. From the Wright Brothers early success to the revolutionary sketches from Leonardo Di Vinci; history has shown a tendency for humans to look to the sky for inspiration. Now, there will apparently be the opportunity to travel via airship (balloon) through Europe. The best part is that these airships will contribute 75% less emissions than a normal passenger jet over the same distance.

What high flying adventures are YOU looking forward to in the near future? We'd love to hear about them HERE.


Here's how: Answer an Unanswered Question! We'll be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week.

FINANCIAL EDGE: Things to check in FE before migrating live to FE NXT

ALTRU: Is there a way to easily change revenue from ticket to donation? (as part of a package)

CHURCH MANAGEMENT: Event Calendar Feed Limitation in Microsoft Outlook


RAISER'S EDGE: Discovery openings available for Webview Events and Online Registration

K-12: What does your schedule look like?


Multimedia Specialist at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Database Manager Opportunity (Boston, MA)

Advancement Gift Officer, Des Plaines, IL (Chicago Metro area)

Find all the submitted jobs listings at the Blackbaud Community Jobs Listings Board


Think Data Quality Management with Audit Trail Cloud and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® (June 8)

WEBINAR: Recurring Giving as a Key Annual Strategy (June 8)

Blackbaud Grantmaking: SKY for Grant Managers and More Customer Success Session (June 9)

The Blackbaud Community Open House (June 10)

Financial Edge NXT: Be Audit You Can, Part 2 (June 10)

See the entire Blackbaud Community Events Calendar:


This online-only event will unite the social good community for three days of cutting-edge thought leadership, inspiration, virtual networking, and unforgettable experiences.

Registration is now open! Save your spot today.

Planning on attending? Claim your Virtual bbcon badge and connect with others who are going HERE. There’s even a convo going in the bbcon Community about it – chime in!


The Private School Tech Conference is Virtual again this year. Register today for free and plan on attending July 13-15. You can also claim your attendee and speaker badges and see who is going in the K-12 Conference Community!

K–12 UC Alumni, see if any of your other alumni friends are attending the K–12 2021 Virtual User Conference!


The Blackbaud Developers’ Conference is coming up in less than 2 weeks! June 15 – 17! It brings together all levels of developers and technology enthusiasts to share best practices, exchange great ideas, build relationships with peers, and learn from and collaborate with Blackbaud product experts and partners. Group rates are available!

Many of our Community leaders will be attending this year’s conferences! You can check out the member leaderboard to connect with them and leave a congrats on their profile walls. This month’s featured members are: Top Facilitators, Top K-12, and the Blackbaud Collaborator Club.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you are looking forward to in Community by leaving us a comment below!
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