New bbcon Graphics EXCLUSIVE For Blackbaud Community Members! 7858

New bbcon Graphics EXCLUSIVE For Blackbaud Community Members!


bbcon 2021 is just months away!

To celebrate this year's global virtual conference, we have new graphics for you in the Blackbaud Community.

New graphics include: a new attendee badge and a profile cover photo showing other members that you'll be in attendance!

This year's bbcon is free and virtual.

Have you registered yet? Plan on attending? Let everyone in Community know!

If you've already claimed your attendee badge, you'll notice you have a fancy new one on your profile page.

We also have a new profile cover photo that you can download and use on your profile page to show everyone you'll be going to bbcon. Just right-click and save! It looks like this:


To change your current profile cover photo, you can go to your profile page (click on your image in the top right hand corner > click the camera near the top right > add profile cover photo.

Here's what it looks like on the page.


The Blackbaud bbcon Community is a great resource for all things bbcon.

We have a discussion page if you want to talk about bbcon and discuss things like our virtual mainstage guests, Laura Dern and LeVar Burton.

There's also a blog on the virtual sessions and a place where you can talk about them!

Curious to know which members have attended previous bbcons? Have questions for them? Check out our bbcon alumni page.

Please keep an eye on your inbox for more amazing bbcon announcements, as we get closer to the conference.

Are you going to bbcon this year? What are you MOST excited about?!! Leave a comment below and let us know!
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Excited to connect with new people in the Blackbaud community!

Great speakers and entertainment!

I'm excited about attending the various sessions - and that they are available for a month after is super helpful for those times when there are jus TOO MANY interesting sessions on at once :D

I cannot begin to express how excited I am for Levar Burton!!!


Is there a special badge for those of us who are speaking?



Is there a special badge for those of us who are speaking?

Ditto that question!!!

Ideally, yes! I can see about requesting one. :)

I am most excited about the networking opportunity. While totally different since BBCON is virtual it's still pretty awesome to be able to meet people.