The Buzz: September 8, 2021 7914

The Buzz: September 8, 2021


Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ.

In this edition, you'll find:

  • bbcon Bingo!
  • Our newest Green Ninjas
  • And more!

Lots of big announcements in this edition of The Buzz. Let's dive into what's new in the Blackbaud Community!

bbcon Bingo:
With bbcon 2021 right around the corner, we are dialing up the fun for the event.
To get ready for the big day, we set up a series of ten Bingo cards HERE in Community. Pick one card and play along throughout September.

We say Congratulations to our Newest Green Ninjas! Green Ninjas are selected by Crystal, Elizabeth and me, Ray, based on their engagement in the Community. They will be tapped for special Community projects and given VIP treatment. Please be sure to congratulate our latest Green Ninjas:
Patrick Hogan, Larry Wheeler, Chris Nungesser, and Chris Geady.

Recently, we completed the latest Blackbaud Community-wide contest "Snapshots & Solutions". In it, we asked our Blackbaud Community members to upload a new profile image and answer unanswered questions in Community. Today, we have our winners drawn at random from the eligible contestants. Congratulations to everyone who participated, and please keep uploading photos and answering unanswered questions!
Marie Stark, JoAnn Strommen, Miki Martin, Angela Tuttle, and Heather MacKenzie.

Thank you to our Top Facilitators in August, our bbcon® 2021 attendee badge members and our Acknowledger badge earners! You are featured this month on the Blackbaud Community Member Leaderboard!

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you are looking forward to in Community by leaving us a comment below!
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Congratulations to the new Green Ninjas and to the winners!

Congrats to our winners and new green ninjas!!!! :D

Thank you for the gift card! Super excited to have been chosen. ?


Woot! Excited to win Snapshots and Solutions! Thanks, y'all.

Congrats! Gift card sent!