Honour The Past. Inspire The Future. Blackbaud Celebrates Black History Month, UK 7984

Honour The Past. Inspire The Future. Blackbaud Celebrates Black History Month, UK


Blackbaud employees celebrate British Black history as a global company during the month of October. Learn more.

The month of October is a special time of celebration in the United Kingdom (UK). It is a time when communities come together to honour the accomplishments and contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have made and continue to make in the UK. It is a time to highlight the Black leaders whose bravery and activism have unequivocally impacted the racial, social, and economic trajectory of the UK and the world as we know it today.

Throughout the month of October, we will celebrate Black History Month, UK, as a global company. We will do this with a series of employee-led activities, including a special guest speaker, participation in charitable giving opportunities, open forum dialogues related to the evolution of Black History in the UK, and more.

During this celebration, we will listen and learn about the generational stories of pride and perseverance that have shaped the lives of our employees, our communities, and our customers. At Blackbaud we understand the path to equality for all is still a work in progress and we are committed to remaining on this journey until equality for all is no longer an idea, but a reality—that is why it is so important that we take this time to celebrate, reflect, and turn aspiration to action, together.

Happy Black History Month to the United Kingdom.
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This Is fantastic. I'm happy that Blackbaud is observing this important month (should be all year long, globally, truthfully!) in conjunction with our UK friends. Thanks for posting about it. I hope to see more posts about the activities and forums you mention.

Thanks Grace! It's been an exciting time for our company to learn and understand so much about this important observance.