The Buzz: October 19, 2021 8017

The Buzz: October 19, 2021


Welcome to today's edition of THE BUZZ. 

In this edition, you'll find: 

  • Blackbaud University Basics eLearning online courses available free to all customers

  • Upcoming Product Update Briefings 

  • This week’s Community member spotlight

  • GivingTuesday Resources

And more… 

Happy Tuesday, Blackbaud Community! 

We hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the presentations at bbcon 2021 last week. If you missed anything, or couldn’t attend you can still register and see all the bbcon presentations available at until November 19th.

What’s next after that great bbcon experience? We have TWO new things for you to enjoy!

First, in response to the pandemic, we made our entire curriculum of Blackbaud University Basics eLearning online courses available free to all customers. Want to learn more? Start by exploring our curriculum for Technology and Organizational Best Practices. Wherever you see a small green monitor icon next to a course name, it indicates that the course is an eLearning, available to all customers for free.

Second, knowing how important it is to stay current with Blackbaud solution updates and industry trends, the Blackbaud Product Update Briefings virtual conference showcases recent innovations and future roadmap direction in our leading-edge software solutions.

Sign up for the October 26th-28th briefing on the products that impact your work or that you'd like to learn more about. Can't make it to the live session? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording of the session.


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Now on to THE BUZZ! 



All Your GivingTuesday Resources in One Place!

Blackbaud’s own Melissa Rancour has created a one stop page for all your GivingTuesday needs and questions. What are the biggest challenges you have faced with GivingTuesday? What are your biggest wins? Drop in and join in with the conversation.

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT®: Team transitioning to working in Events

Community member Lori is looking for others who have experiences in Events that they can share to help with her team’s transition. Can you share your experiences?

Blackbaud K–12 Education Solutions™: Join the new Competency Based Education forum

Join Blackbaud Team member Ben and introduce yourself as he introduces the new section of the K-12 community dedicated to Competency Based Education


Here's how: Answer an unanswered question! We'll be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week. 

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT®: Susan is looking for help / tips in running a golf tournament. Can you tee her up for success?

Blackbaud Altru®: Jennifer is setting up a welcome series for new members. Have you ever done the same? Advise her on the process.

Blackbaud Luminate Online® Joann is looking for help creating registration forms without the participant creating a username or password.   Can you help her?

Looking for more unanswered questions to answer? Visit our unanswered questions page HERE.


Raiser's Edge Data Specialist - Jacksonville, FL

FT Ticket Office Manager / Administrative Data Coordinator - Charleston, SC

Development Associate - Chester County Hospital - West Chester, PA

Did you know that we have new job postings daily in the Blackbaud Community? See the Blackbaud Community Jobs Board HERE. 


Customer Success Adoption Webinar: Back to School (Nov 2)

Procrastinators Unite! (Nov 2)

Blackbaud Users Field of Dreams (Nov 4)

For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Blackbaud Community Events Calendar HERE.


Do you have a job posting, event, blog or question you want everyone to know about? Let other Community members know by leaving it in the comments below!    

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LOVE the free e-learnings! Can't wait to share with our folks who are time-crunched for training :)

Ray, I clicked on the free elearning links but all I see are all of the subscription options. I don't see how to get to the free elearning.

Hi Wendy.
When you click on one of the curriculums (like Raiser's Edge NXT), you should be taken to the product datasheet which lists all the training options in a pdf. If you look to the left of the course names, you should see a little green monitor next to some of the titles (most of which will start with Basics of…). When you click on the Basics of… course name, you should be taken to the eLearning. If you are not, please make sure that you are signed in because you do need to be signed in to start taking a training. If that doesn't work, please email, and they will be able to help troubleshoot the issue.

I think that Blackbaud making the eLearning Basics free to customers is a good move (for customers and for Blackbaud). It's a good thing to make resources more accessible that enable people use Blackbaud's tool more effectively. That is good news, @Ray Bergman.

Thanks Ray - I'll be checking out so many of your links!