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The Buzz: May 4, 2022


Welcome to this week's edition of THE BUZZ!

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  • bbcon 2022 alumni connect info
  • Meet a Community ninja
  • Featured jobs from the Blackbaud Community jobs board
  • Hot topics in Community
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Happy Wednesday, Blackbaud Community,


The save the date is out! bbcon 2022 will be virtual and free this year.
Did you know there is a bbcon community where you can chat with other attendees and get the latest bbcon news? There are already conversations happening about this year’s bbcon! Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments below or in this discussion.

You can also claim badges for previous years you attended bbcon and connect with other bbcon afficionados on the bbcon alumni page.


Each week, we aim to bring you a little closer to one of our Blackbaud Community super users (AKA Ninjas). This week, we would like to introduce Miki Martin; database specialist for Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills, Kentucky. Miki is a green ninja, a Blackbaud Champion, and is Blackbaud Certified® in Raiser’s Edge® and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® (she holds professional-level certification for Raiser’s Edge NXT) .


What area are you in (geographically) and why do you love it?
Our school is in northern Kentucky, which is on the south side of the Ohio River, opposite Cincinnati, OH. The greater Cincinnati area is a wonderful big small town, I think. We have professional sports most of the year, as well as festivals just about every weekend in the summer months. We are within a day’s driving distance to many great areas. And I love that we have hills around us! Great for hiking and scenic drives.

What do you enjoy about the Blackbaud Community?
In the two years I have been a user, the Community has been such a great asset for me. While I have taken many training courses through Blackbaud University for certifications, going to the Community with specific questions has been beyond helpful. Getting others’ insights has been a great way for me to learn as I’m going in my position. And I never see any judgement in the Community; we all meet each other where we are.

What is something that you never thought you would enjoy at your current job that gets you up and motivates you now?
I have the privilege of working where my two daughters attend school, so I get to see them daily. Also, our Advancement Department is small but mighty. Our department of four work really well together. They appreciate my “nerding out” over databases and my supervisor supports me and my desire to learn all I can to help support our school in the best way possible.

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This week’s highlighted topics:

NXT Online Express Training

Staff Gifts - Automated Process


Development Associate – Louisville, KY

Director of Annual Giving – Tilton, NH

Major Gift Officer – Washington DC

Director of Advancement Services – Atlanta, GA

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Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge® NXT: Christmas card purchases

Blackbaud Altru®: Scheduled event category

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge® NXT: How to construct a greater than $5,000 gift report

Blackbaud FIMS™: FACTS allocation

Here's how: answer an unanswered question! We will be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week.

Blackbaud Guided Fundraising™: Number of prospects in a campaign

Just for Fun: What is your org doing for Mother’s Day?

Blackbaud Altru: Expenditure responsibility agreement


Set the perfect ask amount with AskGenius and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT (May 11)

SKY Developer: Microsoft Poer Automate user group (May 16)

Blackbaud Customer Success enablement sessions for May (May 10-20)

For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Blackbaud Community events calendarHERE.  

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It's a great thing when you love where you work! Best change I ever made was to my current job, wish I had found it sooner.

Great to know more about you @Miki Martin!

Excited to hear about the bbcon alumni page. Another great resource for us.