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The Buzz: May 11, 2022


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Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, green ninjas sharing their knowledge, featured jobs from the Blackbaud Community jobs board, hot topics in Community, and more…  

Happy Wednesday, Blackbaud Community,

Here at Blackbaud, we’re celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month by kicking off a series of interviews with Blackbaud employees beginning today. Diversity and inclusion are something we’re very proud of here at Blackbaud, and we’re excited to have you get to know a few of our dedicated staff members through these profiles.

Today’s featured Blackbaud employee is Jenalyn Walton, social responsibility coordinator.


Has your cultural background had any influence on your decision to pursue a career in the tech industry?
My dad is from Virginia and joined the military after high school, and he met my mom while stationed in the Philippines. My mom was the first of her siblings to move outside of the Philippines, and the first to have children—I am the first Asian-American in my family.

My mom is proud to be from the Philippines, where being close to your community is important. We moved around a bit while I was growing up, and I always saw my parents immerse themselves in the culture of each new place we moved to, but my mom never lost her sense of Pinoy Pride. She would often give back to our new communities by sharing her heritage and traditions while accepting and learning about our new home country.

Having the privilege of growing up around the world, watching my mom be a proud, outspoken Filipina, and sharing her traditions shaped my love for learning about different cultures. Perhaps I was always meant to have a career involved in giving back to communities.

What advice would you give other AANHPIs, looking to pursue a career in the tech field?
I advise people who identify as part of the AANHPI community, and other minorities, who want to work in tech is to:
  1. Research all the different types of jobs available—you may be surprised at the variety of “non-tech” tech jobs that don’t involve having a background in technology.
  2. Ensure that you feel safe, accepted, and heard at the company. I am lucky to be a part of a tech company that is continuously learning and expanding their definition of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


How are you and your org celebrating AANHPI Heritage Month? Let us know HERE.



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Donor Relationship Manager – Naples, FL

Grants and Special Projects Coordinator – Bethlehem, PA

Gift Officer – Putney, VT

Director of the Annual Fund – Portsmouth, RI

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Nice to get to know BB employees a bit!

@Ray Bergman Thanks for sharing Jenalyn Walton's story and thanks for highlighting our Gift Officer position. I have to say that this is one of the most exciting times to work in the Alumni and Development Office at Putney and I'm in my 17th year. Great thread on Addressee/Salutations too!