May Community Challenge: Clock is Ticking! 9058

May Community Challenge: Clock is Ticking!


Our May challenge is still in full swing! Claim your new, exclusive badge for leaving us feedback on our Product Update Briefings.

You still have through May to leave us feedback on our Product Update Briefings and/or rewatch them on demand to learn about the recent innovations and future roadmap direction in our leading-edge software solutions.

We are offering a limited one-time badge for your feedback!

The best way to access the Product Update Briefing discussions is to navigate to your product community and look for the ad block on the side of the page that looks like this.


That will take you to the post for you to leave feedback.

Here is what the fancy exclusive badge looks like when you complete that task:


Have fun and thanks to the 25 members who have left feedback and earned the badge, so far!
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Thanks for the reminder to watch the Product Update Briefing! I just finished watching the one for Raiser's Edge NXT and Wow! there are a LOT of items on the roadmap!

I'm most excited about the donation form upgrades, particularly the ‘pass values’ and hidden campaign and appeal fields.

I'm also excited about the event registration forms! We've been using EventBrite for our events because it's a simpler user experience, but now I'm hopeful that we can go back to using reg. forms in NXT.

That's great, Adrienne! I do want you to get your badge, so can you make sure to add this reply to this thread!