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Meet Kaitlin LeRoy!

Meet Kaitlin LeRoy, an Altru user, with the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art!
Meet Kaitlin LeRoy!

This week's Community Corner spotlight shines on Altru user, Kaitlin LeRoy, a Membership Manager with the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art.

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About Kaitlin:

Tell us about your family (fur babies count!) "My boyfriend and I have one furbaby, Phoebe. We rescued her from the SPCA a little over a year ago. She'll be two in February (they grow up so fast, don't they??). I have one older brother, one stepsister and 4 stepbrothers. We all live relatively close to one another and the holidays are a whirlwind!"

Where do you live? "Lancaster, PA."

What do you like to do for fun? "Bake and decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Any dessert really. I'm still learning a lot of techniques, but that is half the fun. Plus, you get to eat all of the homework :)."

What’s a life achievement you are particularly proud of? "I received a performance scholarship during my freshman year of college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I studied theater and art history and graduated in 2010."

What’s one memory that always makes you smile? "It's so simple, but I'll always remember eating lunch on a sunny day in Paris in 2006. It was perfect to spend that trip with other art lovers enjoying the city and all it had to offer."

What is one interesting fact about yourself most people don't know? "I am interested in true crime...I would have loved to have been a forensic pathologist. However, I failed Chemistry in high school, so I had to find a different path."

Tell us about your organization: "The Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art aims to protect open space, natural resources, clean water, historic properties and important works of American Art. The Conservancy side of the museum has protected more than 63,000 acres of open space and helps to provide over 1 million people with clean water via the Brandywine Creek that babbles along the museum's campus. The museum houses an impressive permanent collection of works by three generations of Wyeth's, as well as maintaining the homes and studios of Andrew and N.C Wyeth. The organization was founded in 1967 by three individuals who all understood the importance of protecting this historic area from development. We will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2017!"

What’s a typical day like for you? "My day begins and ends with Altru! I usually start by checking the renewals that have come in online and through Daily Sales. My team and I track and process renewals and new memberships. I collaborate with other departments on email correspondence, member events and member engagement. I also engage the museum shop in ways to sell memberships at the front desk. This time of year, it's a lot of phone calls and gift memberships...can't complain!"
What’s the best part of your job? "Speaking and meeting with long standing members, Some of our members have been here for 25 years! These members have stories and memories that they are always eager to share and I am always happy to listen."

What advice would you give someone starting out in the non-profit field? "Don't give up and have patience! Donor and member relationships don't develop overnight. Stay in constant contact with your constituents and provide them with meaningful correspondence."

What do you love about the Blackbaud Community? "I never feel silly when I ask a question! Plus, just by reading others' questions and answers, I usually learn something I didn't know."
Finally, if you were a sandwich, which kind of sandwich would you be?: "Any Primanti Bros. sandwich (look 'em up)...because they're all awesome!"
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Dec 21, 2016 12:16 PM America/New_York

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Hey Kaitlin! First I have to say that I'm LOVING the neckless in the photo... feel free to share your source as I know a few outfits I could certainly rock it with! Second, so happy to see a fellow baker! I'm a big fan of cake and cupcake decorating and hail from the school of YouTube! We should connect and swap recipes some time! 
  • Posted Thu 04 May 2017 03:12 PM EDT