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Meet Jayne O'Leary!

Meet (and friend!) Jayne O'Leary, a NetCommunity, Raiser's Edge, and RENXT user, with Salem State University.
Meet Jayne O'Leary!

This week's member spotlight shines on Raiser's Edge, RENXT, and Blackbaud NetCommunity user, Jayne O'Leary, with Salem State University!

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Tell us about your family (fur babies count!) "I'm just a girl in the world*...Well, not so much, but I have to delve into the world of technology and html coding at the ripe ol' age of 54 with the curiosity of a middle schooler. Just ask BBNC Chat Support because I am constantly asking them 'Why this and why that?' In all seriousness, I have been using Blackbaud NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge for the past 8 years and had the great pleasure of attending BBCON2017. If you have the opportunity go and take the extra day for University Day classes, they pay dividends! The integration with NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge saves us loads of time and am amazed at what both integrations can do and am still learning after 8 years. I look forward to continued experiences, education and friendships with the BB fam. My fur fam now consists of Oscar, a foster for a friend of a friend who could no longer care for him."

Where do you live? "Salem, Massachusetts."

What do you like to do for fun? "I find any outdoors activity fun. I can take a leisurely stroll on the beach, walk with friends in a park, hike a 4000 footer in the Whites, mountain bike down sketchy trail rides, skiing (eventually tearing or breaking something) in Maine, surf the frigid New England coast or playing chase with Mr. Oscar. I can spend hours watching football, NASCAR, Olympic and Paralympic sports and listening to the radio. I enjoy time with my boyfriend and all of the above together!"
What’s a life achievement you are particularly proud of? "Graduating from college, earning a place in a national honor society, buying my condo and participating in my city as a volunteer board member for the bicycle advisory board."

What’s one memory that always makes you smile?
"Getting together with my college friends, because some of us haven't seen each other in over 30 years..and no one's changed of course! we all look great!"

What is one interesting fact about yourself most people don't know? "I'm a notary and a paralegal. I think some may have thought I was a professional disco queen."

What are three things on your bucket list? "I have a bucket list! 1. Hiking the Appalacian Trail 2. Skiing the Sherburne Trail off of Mt. Washington %u200B3. Seeing Egypt."
Tell us about your organization: "We are a mid-sized state university in Massachusetts."

What’s a typical day like for you? "Quietly creating various templates for events and emails. Learning photoshop and all things GDPR."

What’s the best part of your job? "The skill set I've developed within a year!"
What advice would you give someone starting out in the non-profit field? "Don't be shy!"

What do you love about the Blackbaud Community? "Everyone is willing or has a desire to share their knowledge or point you in the right direction because we've all had shared issues that need discussion."
Finally, if you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be? I love a good marble rye bagel with pastrami and hummus."

What about a song, what would be your theme song? "'Walk, Don't Run' by The Ventures because I always daydream of surfing and it is the ultimate surf tune.."
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Jun 13, 2018 10:07 AM America/New_York

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Loved your information -- especially the sandwich choice!
  • Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 04:25 PM EDT
Wonderful to meet you, Jayne!
  • Posted Thu 14 Jun 2018 04:16 PM EDT
Nice to meet you!
  • Posted Fri 15 Jun 2018 11:33 AM EDT
Love the photo of you and Oscar! My fur-baby is named Ava!
  • Posted Fri 15 Jun 2018 03:23 PM EDT
Thanks Jayne,
Enjoyed getting to know you. Great sandwich too!
  • Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 11:02 AM EDT
Hi Jayne! You sound like someone I would love to hang with! Cheers!!
  • Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 01:27 PM EDT
Great to learn more about you Jayne!  Being 55 myself, I must say you are very adventurous for a woman of 54--that's awesome!
  • Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 08:23 AM EDT
Awesome spotlight Jayne!
  • Posted Wed 11 Jul 2018 02:26 PM EDT