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Did you know that one of the biggest benefits of having Blackbaud host your applications is that we take care of the administrative tasks of creating and saving backups so your IT team doesn’t have to? You also don’t have to worry about disaster recovery.  If anything ever happens to your place of business, we can supply a backup of your data, down to a 15 minute window, should you need it.

Q: How often does Blackbaud backup my data?

A: Our backup schedule and retention policy is as follows:

  • A transaction log backup is generated every 15 minutes throughout the week.
  • A full backup is created weekly.  Based on the transaction log schedule, a nightly backup can be provided within 15 minutes of any desired time during the week.  Transaction logs are retained on-site for one week.
  • Weekly backups are created and saved off-site for four weeks.
  • Monthly backups are saved off-site for 6 months.


Q: Does Blackbaud run routine SQL database maintenance on my data?

A: In addition to generating and retaining backups, the Rebuild/Reorganize Indexes and Update Statistics tasks are run nightly at 2 AM.  These are tools we use to help ensure and maintain the performance and health of your data. We can also run Integrity Checks on request, as needed.

These are tasks that you don’t need your IT group to worry about, so they can focus on other important projects and initiatives to help support your mission.

For more information on the first two points, please review the Knowledgebase solution, How often are hosted applications backed up and maintenance performed?


Q: How do I request a backup of my hosted database?

A: To request a backup of the hosted data, create a case on Case Central. The analyst who receives your case will also need a completed authorization form. Please select the appropriate authorization form from the options below:

For more details on requesting backups, please review the Knowledgebase solution, How to request a backup of your Blackbaud Hosting Services database.


If you have questions, please create a case on Case Central, choose your product, and select the Blackbaud Application Hosting topic or contact our Hosting Support team using our chat feature.

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