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Easy Ways To Customize Your Links


Besides the ability to personalize the web link for your campaign, did you know there are even more ways to adjust your URLs with Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising™, powered by JustGiving®? Let’s take a look at all your options!

When you use the campaign creation guide, you may have noticed that you can tailor the URL for your initiative (it’s final step before publishing). What you may not have noticed, is that the personalization doesn’t stop there! With Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, you can create a variety of links easily:


These “deep links” are designed to help you manipulate the user journey, sending them deeper into the workflow, allowing them to skip certain steps. For example, let’s say the average fundraiser has 5 steps in creating their page:

  1. Click link that you provide

  1. View Campaign Landing Page

  1. Click button to Start Fundraising

  1. Create personal page by submitting details

  1. Share and promote page to raise money

You can create a deep link for individual fundraising page creation so that when your supporter clicks the link, they land on Step 4 instead of Step 2. This efficiency is realized when you combine the fast-tracked user experience with a clear call to action.

Let’s dig in a little deeper with these various link types (see what I did there?).

The Donation Link

The donation deep link provides a “short cut” for the donor’s journey, by-passing the main Campaign Landing Page and arriving on the first step of a donation. You can alter the link to have pre-set donation amount, add a reference identifier to it for tracking, and report on the success of the customized link through your Donation Report. This is a great option if you want to quickly and conveniently set up a visual that supports your call to action. For example, your email blast could ask supporters to “Give $25 today to our hurricane relief efforts.” The modified deep link would them prefill the donation form with $25 and you can add a source code (like email1) to track the effectiveness of your communication.


We recommend using a campaign deep link when you’re able to give someone a bit of context before heading straight into the donation flow. They’ll skip seeing your Campaign Page on JustGiving, so whether you’re linking from your own landing page, an email or a post on Facebook, it’s important the ask is clear before someone hits Donate.

Create your link:

  1. Visit your Campaigns dashboard and click ‘Actions’ on your live Campaign Page

  1. Select Donate Link

  1. Choose the donation amount and add the reference you’d like to see in your reports

  1. Copy the link and share it

The Fundraiser Link

This is an amended URL that takes a supporter directly into the Fundraising Page creation process with your nonprofit’s pre-selected Campaign Page or Event. By reducing the steps involved in page creation, you can make yours and your fundraisers’ lives easier, which helps retain them for future campaigns. These shortcut URLs are automatically created on your behalf based on the campaign settings. All you must do is copy the address and promote through your multi-channel marketing efforts!

Copy your automatic link:

  1. Visit your Campaigns dashboard and click ‘Actions’ on your live Campaign Page

  1. Select Page Creation Link

  1. Copy the link and share it



Did you know that you can automatically generate a QR code for safe, contactless interactions? These URL amendments are available for campaigns, personal fundraising pages, and team pages. All you need to do is add “/qrcode” at the end of your URL. So, for example, you may want to print a bunch of flyers for your virtual 5K in the community, allowing people to sign up and fundraise by scanning the QR code with their phone (which redirects them to your campaign page). All you do is copy the link already created for your campaign and add the QR code part to the end of your sub domain. Test it out on your phone to make sure it works. You can then save your code as an image to your computer or device ready to share where you like.

Create a QR Code-based Link:

  1. Visit your Campaigns dashboard and click ‘Actions’ on any live Campaign Page

  1. Select Share Campaign

  1. Copy the link

  1. Open a tab on your internet browser and paste the original link (do not click enter or load the page yet)

  1. Add “/qrcode” to the end and search (or enter)

  1. Copy or save the image of the QR code to add to your collateral


Employee Email Signatures with General Links to your Profile

Finally, there’s a good chance several of your colleagues are communicating with supporters and potential fundraisers on a day-to-day basis. Make the most of this communication by including a deep link in your email signatures.

You can find the general deep link for your charity (not event specific) by visiting your JustGiving charity homepage and copying the link behind your ‘start fundraising’ button. These are considered direct links and will not be affiliated or associated to any of the campaigns you may have published (if you want to do that, follow the steps above and add the link to your email). Have no worries, any DIY fundraising pages or donations will still be connected to your account, carrying over your master branding with all donations being processed the same way.


Locate your default link addresses for your profile page:

  1. Navigate to your organizations profile page on justgiving.com. If you do not know where that is, log into www.justigiving.com with your admin username. On the homepage, click the link labeled “View your charity page”

  1. Right click the appropriate button (Fundraise or Donate)

  1. Copy link address and share. You can add text to your email signature and hyperlink it with one of these links as desired.

Feeling connected to all the opportunities with links, now? If you have even more robust link customization needs, check out our developer attributes for hacking your URLs.

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