Raise more with Coaching: Workbook & Session 7778

Raise more with Coaching: Workbook & Session

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It is proven: organizations that coach their fundraisers will raise more. Get your free, downloadable workbook and make a coaching communication plan for your next peer-to-peer event. While you are at it, join us for next week's session "Summer School: Ways to Ace Peer-to-Peer Fundraising" to hear more expert tips on coaching, what and how to coach.

Research shows that organizations that coach their volunteer fundraisers raise significantly more than those that do not. This is because volunteers sign up to fundraise because they love your organization, and they want to see you be successful. Many understand the concept of asking family and friends to support your organization, but they might not have the skill to know how or are aware of best practices. This handy workbook will help you get a jump start on making your coaching communication plan.

To help you make a top-notch coaching communication plan, we pulled together peer-to-peer experts across the globe for next week's session "
Summer School: Ways to Ace Peer-to-Peer Fundraising." They will be talking about the power of coaching, tips on what to coach and how to coach.

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I only see links to the session itself, not to any workbook…………??

@Jackie Zimmerman, that wasn't there until you came and commented! I looked at that published icon earlier this morning, and clicked on it, thinking that might be how to get it. Sheeps! Good ol' technology! Thank you.

@Heather MacKenzie at the top there is a paperclip, (so hard to see) - toward the right.