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#bbcon In Community: That's A Wrap!

Thank you for joining us in our bbcon journey here in the Blackbaud Community. This year we tried a lot of new ideas, trying to bring the onsite bbcon experience online. We were excited to be able to offer our community members access to bbcon like never before and I'd like to do a quick review of everything that we did and then ask you to sound off with your feedback, comments, and ideas for the future in the comments below.

Let's start with LiveStreams.
The Blackbaud Community was the exclusive location for accessing livestreams of the bbcon Keynote sessions and the Big Ideas Sessions. Did you take advantage of this opportunity? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Next up, let's talk about the bbcon blog.1ad44b9b52922e67de97ede4b2e31be8-origina

For the first time ever, we opened up a blog on the community so community members could post. This led to some awesome blog posts from Amy Dana, Joshua Bekerman, and Christine McMinn.

We also brought you "Ami on the Run" - a live blog series from the halls, stages, and classrooms of bbcon. Check out our Ami on the Run posts here, here, here, here, here and here.

Did you read the bbcon blog? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Did you hear about our Meet-Ups?
e098a022dee3a340181f2d6b1e539ae5-originaMaybe my favorite feature in the bbcon community experience, was the bbcon Meet-Ups option. Every year, people who attend bbcon organize meet-ups and networking opportunities above and beyond what is on the official bbcon agenda. This year, we opened up the events feature in the bbcon community so people could schedule meet-ups and RSVP for meet-ups throughout the week. We saw everything from lunches to discuss Raiser's Edge NXT to plans to ride the National Harbor Ferris Wheel happen in that space.

We also used the meet-ups area to schedule and promote our Big Green Couch Chats. You can learn more about those here.

Did you schedule or attend a meet-up? What about a Big Green Couch Chat? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Did you add a badge (or two) to your profile?
This year we also introduced bbcon Attendee and Speaker badges in the community and created pages where you could connect with members of either group. It's not too late to claim your bbcon badge(s) if you haven't already. You can claim your attendee badge here and your speaker badge here. 856332b9af5d3e8fc1c49038746883f6-origina

Did you claim your badge(s) or use the speaker and attendee pages to network? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

We're all about sharing resources here in the Blackbaud Community.
This year we also opened up a shared resources library for people to upload anything from helpful hints for navigating Washington DC to their presentation decks from a session. Did you add a resource or look at a resource? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Let's keep it social!
Events like bbcon generate a ton of amazing content on social media. This year we introduced a social wall to help track the #bbcon hashtag across platforms. Did you check out the social wall? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Crowdsourcing sessions and events - a win for everyone!
Some parts of bbcon are hard to bring to the online world. bbcon sessions and receptions, in particular, don't always translate well. However, this year, we looked to the community to help drive content and ideas for two bbcon sessions - "Can You Stump the Raiser's Edge Community" and "Revenge of the Nerds - Raiser's Edge Style" Both of these sessions were full-room sessions, with over 100 people attending each in person.

Finally, we also introduced a new joint award between Blackbaud Champions and Blackbaud Community and we asked community members to help us name it. From this simple request emerged the most awesome award name in the history of award names - the Robert C. Hernandez Award of Excellence - and at bbcon we awarded five amazing individuals with this inaugural award (more on this coming in a later blog post).

Did you participate in any of these crowd-sourcing opportunities? What did you like? What could we do better next year? Sound off in the comments below.

Overall the Blackbaud Community Team is very excited about all the ways we were able to help connect the onsite bbcon experience with an online experience. This year was all about trying new things and learning from the experience. Thank you again to all of you for being active members of the bbcon Community! I look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments below!
Posted by Holly Herbert on Nov 11, 2016 12:17 PM America/New_York

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This was my first BBCON and what a way to start! I was bumped to the Wardman Park, but everyone at Blackbaud and even the Gaylord worked as hard as they could to make sure it was smooth. Once I was at the Gaylord though I took advantage of the sessions and the expo hall, even skipping out on a breakout session time to explore the Expo! I do wish Learn Labs were longer and I know they will be next year, so fingers crossed I can attend again!
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 02:43 PM EST
Glad to hear it all worked out, Lauren!
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 02:57 PM EST
This was my 4th bbcon and the first one that I was a speaker at. Speaking at a session was a great experience and I hope that I can do it again.
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 03:08 PM EST
I appreciated the live stream of the keynote speeches.
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 03:17 PM EST
Yes, I also appreciated the live streams and everything else that was done to bring aspects of bbcon to those of us not able to attend.
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 03:34 PM EST
I am so sad I couldn't attend this year and win the scavenger hunt! Maybe next year.
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 03:47 PM EST
I was not able to attend this year but did take advantage of the live Big Green Couch Chat session. It was great to connect to those that were there and have the opportunity to learn
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 04:15 PM EST
I did not get to attend BBCON this year but the team came back excited and full of new ideas.
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 04:45 PM EST
My second bbcon, and just as fabulous as the first! When I get the time, I plan to watch & read up on everything I can find that I wasn't able to attend in person. Loved the Meet Ups...although it would be easier if they were also available in the app. (More editable agenda would be fantastic...I don't need to see all the Learn Labs, but would have liked to put in Meet Ups and such.) I did claim my Attendee & Speaker badges in the Community, but didn't really use them, as I don't usually go to profile pages when reading/posting. I kept up with the app (still am, for those still posting) but didn't find the social wall until after bbcon. Already looking forward to bbcon2017!
  • Posted Fri 11 Nov 2016 08:20 PM EST
My first bbcon in several years and was very pleased I attended. A lot of great sessions, networking, and keynotes. I enjoyed the social aspect of the bbcon app.
  • Posted Sun 13 Nov 2016 01:26 AM EST
This was my first BBCON and it was an excellent experience. In particular, the opportunity you be part of a presentation was invaluable.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 08:43 AM EST
Great speakers and sessions. The app is a great way to see everything that is going on.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 08:43 AM EST
I could not attend because of conflict with AHP International. The Big Green Couch sessions offered a good alternative though!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 09:10 AM EST
I wasn't able to attend this year, but thanks to the blogs, etc. still felt connected.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 10:20 AM EST
It was great that even though I wasn't able to attend BBCON in person, there were still ways I could attend with the live streaming.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 10:35 AM EST
I thought the live streams were a GREAT addition. I also LOVED being able to share my expiriemces with people interested in Champions!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 10:45 AM EST
Great BBCON. Lot's of good networking and sessions. I'd love to see even more sessions geared towards the nitty gritty of being a DBA.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 10:49 AM EST
In the app, we could not sort by product in the app. That would have made it a whole lot easier.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 11:12 AM EST
I wasn't able to attend because the dates coincide with our gala. Fall is such a busy time for events, I would love Blackbaud to consider moving the dates to a more convenient time of year for nonprofits!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 11:28 AM EST
This was amazing! I think my only concern was that there was almost TOO much going on at once. I had such a hard time deciding what to attend. I know they are looking at a whole day of Blackbaud U classes next year, but I hope that could be an additional day (maybe the day before, like MicroEdge) so we aren't missing any sessions.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 11:53 AM EST
Can't wait to go to the next BBCON
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 12:25 PM EST
This was my first BBCON. I am really glad I attended. Blackbaud really goes all out. I was so glad to be able to meet other Blackbaud users and connect with some old friends!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 01:15 PM EST
I was really unable to participate at all, even not in person, since our big annual Gala is always right around the same time, and there's so much prep work for it. I loved all the options for those who couldn't attend in person, though, and hope they will all be available again next time. Thank you!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 01:35 PM EST
This was my first bbcon and I had a great time. I was disappointed I couldn't get into a Learn Lab - I could really use the notes from Demystifying Query. Overall, though, everything was great and I enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to next year.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 01:49 PM EST
I didn't get to go this year, but Looking forward to BBCON2017!
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 02:15 PM EST
Didn't get to go but I really appreciated all of the online resource and streaming couch sessions.
  • Posted Mon 14 Nov 2016 05:49 PM EST
This is was my 4th BBcon and it was just as inspiring as helpful as all the others. The Blackbaud staff, especially, really go above and beyond... Thank you!
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 09:11 AM EST
Overall I was very happy with everything at bbcon this year. It's always great to meet with people who share your job duties and understand your challenges.
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 09:47 AM EST
Another great BBCON in the books and hopefully new products for our organization are on the way!
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 11:09 AM EST
I used the meetups, but then the updates to meetups seemed to post somewhere else, so I missed messages about time changes. I thought I looked into all the options but reading this list I see I missed the social wall, and where to get attendee badge, and the Shared Resources. But I still made it to a lot of events and had a great time!
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 01:30 PM EST
It was great, although it was painful to choose what to attend at times! I appreciate Ami's blogs so I can revisit some of the things I missed!
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 02:07 PM EST
I wasn't able to attend but was glad to see that there were resources available for me to view at home.
  • Posted Tue 15 Nov 2016 02:14 PM EST
BBCON was a fabulous opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues from all over the nation. I was hoping for more client-led presentations that dug deeper into the functionality of the database. Additionally, the continued development of existing products RE7, Luminate Online seems to be falling behind as CRM and NXT are promoted.
  • Posted Wed 16 Nov 2016 01:12 PM EST
Wished I could have attended this year.
  • Posted Thu 17 Nov 2016 11:34 AM EST
This was our 2nd bbcon and it still exceeded our expectations. Blackbaud really understands what customer service means. I truly appreciated their hospitality and it was great to get to know many more staff members. It was also great to meet many new people around the NFP industry. Great work. And I hope everyone who attended, enjoyed our session Bringing Your Organisation together!
  • Posted Thu 17 Nov 2016 01:07 PM EST
1st time at BBCON and loved the experience. Really enjoyed being able to see all the wonderful features that Blackbaud has to offer and being able to interact with Blackbaud staff in the expo hall.
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 01:20 PM EST
Wasn't able to attend, but really enjoyed the Big Green Couch & live streams!
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 01:21 PM EST
This was my first bbcon and it was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed the seminars and speakers. I left with ideas I'm trying to implement right away. I loved meeting representatives at the EXPO and I got to talk to a developer of MobilePay. He was great to talk to and I feel like he helped me with a MobilePay difficulty. I'm excited for the REMobile update; I know my fundraisers will really like it. I learned about and joined Blackbaud Champions. I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship. We've a small training budget, but I do hope to be able to attend again next year!
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 02:32 PM EST
I appreciated the bbon app and being able to connect easily with other attendees. Although maybe it would be useful for non-attendees to be able to lurk?
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 04:18 PM EST
Hooray for The Robert C. Hernandez Award Of Excellence!
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 05:09 PM EST
I am a multiple time BBCON alumni, and thought the breakout sessions were great. I especially liked that I could share the live feed with some of the staff back at the office who did not get to attend. The Learn labs were good, but I think they need some tweaking because of the conflicts AFTER the complete schedule is posted.

I missed the Social area, not realiziing it was on an upper level of the convention center.
  • Posted Fri 18 Nov 2016 05:42 PM EST
Enjoyed my second bacon immensely! I did miss out on all the evening activities since I wasn't staying at the resort center (being local stinks) but the sessions were great! Thanks!
  • Posted Mon 21 Nov 2016 08:51 AM EST
It would be awesome to "remotely" attend BBCon.
  • Posted Tue 22 Nov 2016 11:48 AM EST
I couldn't attend but took advantage of the live streaming.
  • Posted Thu 24 Nov 2016 10:58 AM EST
This was my first BBCON and it was an amazing experience! I learned so much from the sessions and the location was great and very accommodating. I'm already looking forward to next year!
  • Posted Mon 28 Nov 2016 12:16 AM EST
I didn't attend, but appreciate that I could have attended via live streams!
  • Posted Fri 02 Dec 2016 10:45 AM EST
I thought it was good this year. I am excited for more training opportunities at next year's conference. I was honored to present this year and had a great attendance to our session on the last day. I really enjoyed the keynote speakers this year!
  • Posted Fri 02 Dec 2016 12:29 PM EST
Could not attend this year...maybe 2017.
  • Posted Fri 02 Dec 2016 01:21 PM EST
This was my first bbcon and I absolutely LOVED it. All of my sessions were extremely helpful. The NXT road map sessions and ones on analytics were my favorites, and enabled me to bring back actionable information for my staff. The app was awesome - I was constantly looking at the live feed, using it to check information about the sessions I wanted to attend. The hotel and location was amazing!! I loved the flare that was available for our name tags - so fun! I really enjoyed the certification dinner that was available to those who are RE certified. I also participated in the everdayhero run in the morning - what a great way to meet people and do something fun! I also had a great time checking out the vendors and getting lots of free stuff. Hope to make it again next year!
  • Posted Mon 05 Dec 2016 12:07 PM EST
This looks awesome! I wish I could have gone!
  • Posted Wed 07 Dec 2016 03:57 PM EST
Great experience, learned a lot and met a lot of my peers.
  • Posted Wed 07 Dec 2016 07:12 PM EST
Amazing 1st BBCON. Cant wait til next year.
  • Posted Mon 12 Dec 2016 12:32 PM EST
One of the best things was learning about NXT from other users. I was pleased with the panel discussions and informative sessions.
  • Posted Tue 13 Dec 2016 03:42 PM EST
I am sorry that I have never been able to attend bbcon. Maybe I can convince my boss to send me next year or maybe I will win a pass in Blackbaud Champions!!
  • Posted Fri 16 Dec 2016 01:27 PM EST
2016 was my first bbcon and I'm hoping to return next year!
  • Posted Fri 16 Dec 2016 02:24 PM EST
As a Microedge client I found the conference to be very confusing. The Blackbaud people appeared to have lots of fun and a very focused path for the conference. It is difficult to incorporate another group into the huge conference already planned but hoping there will be an effort to include Microedge clients, identify them and make us feel a part of the group. For me it seems that as a Microedge client, I know it is Blackbaud now, we are pretty little fish in the big Blackbaud sea. Blackbaud is obviously very organized and making huge strides for the Gifts side of the house and we are certainly benefiting from those collaborations. Just hope you can provide a way to make me feel I am a part of Blackbaud now.
  • Posted Mon 19 Dec 2016 11:07 AM EST
Message previously posted.
  • Posted Mon 19 Dec 2016 11:19 AM EST