Let's Play... bbcon Bingo! 7913

Let's Play... bbcon Bingo!


bbcon 2021 is right around the corner and we are ready.. are you?!

Let's play bbcon Bingo and see!

We are excited about bbcon 2021 and we hope you are too!

To get ready for the big day, we set up a series of ten Bingo cards HERE in Community.

How to Play:

Very important: JUST CHOOSE ONE CARD!

Right click, save as.

Fill out the card with a traditional bingo (one line) and get 1,000 bonus points in Community, double bingo (two lines) you can get 5,000 points and a full blackout (all squares covered) will get you 10,000 points in Community!

Some of the squares ask you to Learn about LeVar or Learn about Laura, you can find the links and let us know what you learn in the bbcon forums.

You can click the button on the bingo page that says "Click here to call Bingo" and that will take you to a forum, where you can upload a picture of your bingo card for us to check. Once we've cleared the Bingo, the points will be awarded!

Good luck! We'll be playing Bingo through September. Last day will be Friday, October 1st. B-I-N-G-O!
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Where did the banner get off to? I thought I had downloaded it, but I'll be darned if I can find it now.

Thank you, Crystal. First, I had to learn what a Feature Slider is. ? But I did it!

You can find the link on the bbcon home page in the feature slider <3

So much fun!

Now this sounds like fun!

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