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Luminate CRM Is Lightning Ready!

We are very pleased (and excited) to announce that Luminate CRM is now Lightning Ready!

After many, many months of hard work by the Luminate CRM product team, we have released a Lightning compatibile version of the product for general availability. By now, March 12, 2018, you should see this new version in your Sandboxes. Welcome to the Lightning Experience in Luminate CRM.

What does this mean?
Lightning is a new user experience in Salesforce, and since Luminate CRM is a product that sits on their platform, that user experience can be enabled in Luminate CRM as well. If you are not familiar with the new Lightning Experience, start with these links to learn more: How do I enable it?
The Lightning Experience is enabled by walking through a Lightning Migration Readiness Assistant available within Setup. If you're not an Administrator, ask your LCRM Administrator to start there. It is through this Assistant where you or your Adminstrator can learn about Lightning, compare Classic vs. Lightning, check readiness (very important!), view a preview, optimize the experience, set up users, and eventually turn it on! 

It is important to remember that once you enable Lightning, you can always switch back to Classic at any time. Also, you don't need to turn it on for all your users at once. For example, you may only want a few users to start using it for a select number of use cases first, then slowly expand it to a larger set of users. We highly recommend this approach. Also, the Lightning Experience is mostly a new user experience and will not affect data, but test in your Sandbox first, especially if you have a lot of customizations. Keep in mind, we fully support the Luminate CRM managed package as Lightning ready and compatible, but if you've made customizations to those components you may need to do some work on your own to get them Lightning Ready. See this help page from Salesforce as guidance, but if you are seeing an issue and unsure if it is a Salesforce issue or a Luminate CRM issue, please feel free to reach out to Luminate CRM Product Support.

What is the difference between Classic and Lightning?
To quote Salesforce, "The Lightning Experience brings a reimagined consumer-like experience that is modern, efficient and smart to Salesforce users across every device - desktop, tablet and mobile. Relevant information is surfaced for each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive." This new experience carries over to Luminate CRM as well, providing a whole new user experience to how you use the app. However, there are some differences to Classic and Lightning, and there are things that are available in Classic but no longer available in Lightning. Be sure to read the following, which outlines all the differences. If any of the changes are critical to your business processes thenn hold off on enabling Lightning until you've found a way to use Salesforce differently or Salesforce has provided an alternative capability. Conclusion
The Luminate CRM product team here at Blackbaud is very excited for this release and we believe you're going to love this new Lightning Experience. In addition to the links above, check out our new features, release notes and post installation instructions. Additionally, there are handful of items specific to Luminate CRM that are yet to be supported in Lightning. We'll update these areas of the app as they become available from Salesforce.
Posted by Corey Eck on Mar 12, 2018 10:37 AM America/New_York

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