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Changes To The Constituent API

The Constituent API was updated on 8/3/2016. See our Changelog entries for more information.


We added a new endpoint -- Communication preference (Get list).


  • We removed boolean_valuecode_table_valueconstituent_id_valuedate_valuefuzzy_date_valuecurrency_value,numeric_valuetext_value and replaced them with a single value property for use with any type on the Custom Field entity.
  • We added the gpaclass_of_degreefacultydepartment, and registration_number properties to the Education entity.
  • We added the ability to paginate Search Results, by including a new, optional limit and offset parameters in the request.
  • We added the ability to retrieve inactive Address records, by including a new, optional includeInactive parameter in the request.
Posted by Lindsey Rix on Aug 3, 2016 5:20 PM America/New_York