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Changes To The Constituent API

The Constituent API was updated on 2/9/2017. See our Changelog entries for more information.


We added the following endpoints:
  • Countries (Get)
  • Education (Create)
  • Education (Edit)
  • Education (Delete)
  • Education schools (Get)
  • Education types (Get)
  • Education statuses (Get)
  • Education subjects (Get)
  • Education degrees (Get)
  • Education departments (Get)
  • Education degree classes (Get)
  • Education faculties (Get)


  • We updated properties on the education entity to improve overall feature parity and to support education endpoints.
  • The Address (Create) endpoint no longer requires the country property.
  • On the address entity, the country property now accepts a country ID, name, or abbreviation. 
  • The Ratings list (Single constituent) endpoint now includes an optional most_recent_only parameter.
Posted by John Lyons on Feb 10, 2017 3:27 PM America/New_York