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Changes To The Communication Preference API (Beta)

The Communication Preference API (Beta) was updated on 1/28/2019. See our Changelog entries for more information.
In the Constituent API, Constituent Communication Preference endpoints exist that provide the ability to update and manage what is known in database view as solicit codes. We replicated these endpoints and have added them to the Communication Preference API (Beta). These new endpoints are called Constituent Solicit Code endpoints. For example, Constituent Communication Preferences (GET) has been replicated and the new endpoint can be found under the Communication Preference API (Beta) as Constituent Solicit Codes (GET).
The Constituent Communication Preference endpoints still exist, so if you are currently making calls with these endpoints, no functionality will be broken. However, we encourage you to use the new Constituent Solicit Code endpoints in the Communication Preference API (Beta) as these will be the recommended endpoints to use going forward. 
For an updated list of all available Communication Preference endpoints, view the Communication Preference (Beta) endpoint reference page
Posted by Jillian Lewis on Jan 28, 2019 4:20 PM America/New_York

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