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Changes To Accounts Payable API

The Accounts Payable API was updated on 02/05/2019. See our Changelog entries for more information.

We added the new Invoice adjustment (POST), Invoice adjustment summary (List) (GET), Invoice adjustment (GET), andInvoice adjustment (DELETE) endpoints.

Also, the EditInvoice endpoint now includes the ability to edit the invoice_numberdue_date, description,invoice_payment_detail,and custom_fields properties for all invoices, regardless of status. ForPaid invoices that aren't Posted, you can also now edit their distributions.
Posted by Betsy Unger on Feb 5, 2019 1:26 PM America/New_York

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Hi Betsy,

Do you think it might be possible for the API teams to provide some notice on when updates will be released?

The reason I ask is that only 20 minutes ago, we posted an update of our SKYLib.NET code library which is now immediately out-of-date and will require a version change, etc.

We suggested previously that releases might be made on a particular day or the week, month, etc but this was rejected. Fair enough. But we're just trying to ensure that 1) we have the latest SKY API versions supported in our library and 2) we don't do any unnecessary work for the sake of slightly better communication.

Thanks for any consideration you and your team might give this suggestion.


Steve Cinquegrana | CEO and Principal Developer | Protégé Solutions
  • Posted Tue 05 Feb 2019 01:38 PM EST