New Lists API Endpoints 7469

New Lists API Endpoints


We have added the following endpoints to List API to create lists based on a set of known record IDs.

To create larger lists with more records, you can use these endpoints together. For example, to create a list filtered to 250,000 IDs, you can:

  • Call the CreateListsFromIds with 100,000 Ids to create the list and capture the list ID for subsequent requests

  • Call the AppendIdsToList with 100,000 IDs

  • Call the AppendIdsToList with 50,000 IDs

For more information, see the List API changelog.

News Blackbaud SKY Developer Announcements 02/24/2021 2:36pm EST

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This is really good but you are missing a trick here. Would it not be very useful to be able to remove records from a list? If you are attempting to maintain a list of records that mirror another system or process then the ability to create and append records is great but if they then drop our of that population the only way of creating an up to date list would be to create a new one based on the existing one but without the few records that you want to remove. Is it not better to include a delete records endpoint for that purpose?
Thanks for the great feedback, David! We'll look into this possibility. Would you add this to the idea bank So we can track and get some votes going?