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  • SKY API Release News
    Creating Physical Attachments
    The Constituent API supports the ability to create attachments that link to external resources and has done so for a while now. However, link attachments aren’t always the best option. Sometimes you want to upload physical files such as images, PDFs, or Word files and add them as physical attachments. And since you don’t want to go to the trouble of ... more
  • DeveloperBlogSeries
    Developer Blog Series: Volunteer API Preview
    As I'm sure many of you know, the volunteer module for Raiser's Edge includes a set of robust and powerful entities to track volunteer efforts, and Blackbaud has relied on partners and clients to build great things on top of these entities. We want to continue that tradition by delivering the Volunteer API as our next big release under the SKY API ... more
  • developer_blog_2
    API Request Throttling
    API request throttling is a fairly standard practice throughout the web. Most SaaS companies that provide web APIs do not permit unlimited API use. Some companies throttle requests to protect their backend resources where load and throughput are important metrics of service delivery, while others throttle requests as part of a broader business ... more