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Advocacy Target Update

We've added many newly-elected officials following our mid-term elections. These officials are now contactable with our November 13th update. You'll find them when you select targets for your action or call alerts.

The new officials in this update are:
 Federal Cabinet  Matthew 'Matt' G. Whitaker  DC
 State Representative  Adam Hattersley  FL
 State Representative  Amy A. Perruso  HI
 State Representative  Anika T. Omphroy  FL
 State Representative  Anna V. Eskamani  FL
 State Representative  Anthony F. Sabatini  FL
 State Representative  Anthony Rodriguez  FL
 State Representative  Ardian Zika  FL
 State Representative  Bob Freeman  TN
 State Representative  Brandon Ogles  TN
 State Representative  Brett Hage  FL
 State Representative  Bruce I. Griffey  TN
 State Representative  Charlie Baum  TN
 State Representative  Chip LaMarca  FL
 State Representative  Chris Hurt  TN
 State Representative  Chris Todd  TN
 State Representative  Christine 'Tina' M.L. Wildberger  HI
 State Representative  Cindy S. Polo  FL
 State Representative  Clay Doggett  TN
 State Representative  Dale T. Kobayashi  HI
 State Representative  Dave Wright  TN
 State Representative  David A. Smith  FL
 State Representative  David A. Tarnas  HI
 State Representative  Delores Hogan Johnson  FL
 State Representative  Dianne Hart  FL
 State Representative  Dotie Joseph  FL
 State Representative  Esther Helton  TN
 State Representative  Fentrice DeNell Driskell  FL
 State Representative  Geraldine 'Geri' F. Thompson  FL
 State Representative  Iris Rudder  TN
 State Representative  James Buchanan  FL
 State Representative  Jason Hodges  TN
 State Representative  Jason Potts  TN
 State Representative  Jennifer N. Webb  FL
 State Representative  Jesse Chism  TN
 State Representative  Johnny C. Garrett  TN
 State Representative  Joseph 'Joe' Casello  FL
 State Representative  Joy M. Goff-Marcil  FL
 State Representative  Juan A. Fernandez-Barquin  FL
 State Representative  Justin Lafferty  TN
 State Representative  Kirk Haston  TN
 State Representative  Lisa Chiemi Kitagawa-Akagi  HI
 State Representative  London P. Lamar  TN
 State Representative  Lowell Russell  TN
 State Representative  Mark Cochran  TN
 State Representative  Mark Hall  TN
 State Representative  Melony Bell  FL
 State Representative  Michael A. Gottlieb  FL
 State Representative  Michael C. Grieco  FL
 State Representative  Mike Beltran  FL
 State Representative  Mike Hill  FL
 State Representative  Nick DiCeglie  FL
 State Representative  Rick Eldridge  TN
 State Representative  Robert 'Chuck' C. Brannan III  FL
 State Representative  Robert A. Andrade  FL
 State Representative  Robin Smith  TN
 State Representative  Rush Bricken  TN
 State Representative  Scot P. Matayoshi  HI
 State Representative  Scott E. Cepicky  TN
 State Representative  Spencer Roach  FL
 State Representative  Stacelynn K. Marie Eli  HI
 State Representative  Susan L. Valdes  FL
 State Representative  Thomas 'Tom' F. Leatherwood III  TN
 State Representative  Tina Scott Polsky  FL
 State Representative  Toby Overdorf  FL
 State Representative  Tommy Gregory  FL
 State Representative  Tyler I. Sirois  FL
 State Representative  Valerie 'Val' A. Okimoto  HI
 State Representative  Vincent Dixie  TN
 State Representative  Will Robinson  FL
 State Representative  Wyman R. Duggan  FL
 State Representative  Yusuf 'Yusus\f' A. Hakeem  TN
 State Secretary  Robyn A. Crittenden  GA
 State Senator  Ben Albritton  FL
 State Senator  Brenda Gilmore  TN
 State Senator  Dawn White  TN
 State Senator  Dru M. Kanuha  HI
 State Senator  Ed Hooper  FL
 State Senator  Jarrett K. Keohokalole  HI
 State Senator  Jason W. Pizzo  FL
 State Senator  Katrina Robinson  TN
 State Senator  Manny Diaz Jr.  FL
 State Senator  Raumesh A. Akbari  TN
 State Senator  Sharon Y. Moriwaki  HI
 State Senator  Thomas A. Wright  FL

Posted by Colleen Gutierrez on Nov 13, 2018 11:38 AM America/New_York

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