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Advocacy Target Update

New officials are available in our February 19th Advocacy Target update. You'll find them when you select targets for your action or call alerts.

The new officials in this update are:
Federal Cabinet Russell 'Russ' T. Vought  
State Attorney General Fadwa A. Hammoud MI
State Attorney General Kelly Keenan MI
State Attorney General Michelle Henry PA
State Insurance Commissioner Kevin Fry IL
State Representative Adam Holmes OH
State Representative Andra Tereise Samoa AS
State Representative Jose O. Gonzalez Mercado PR
State Representative Logoituau Mark T. Atafua AS
State Representative Loia Gutu AS
State Representative Luaitaua Gene Pan AS
State Representative Manuel Claudio PR
State Representative Mary DuBuisson LA
State Representative Matt Barton GA
State Representative Perry Will CO
State Representative Tupua Shaun Va'a AS
State Representative Vesiai Poyer Samuelu AS
State Secretary Kathy Boockvar PA
State Secretary Steven 'Steve' J. Barnett SD
State Senator Jason Rarick MN
State Senator Liz Lovelett WA
State Senator Theresa Gavarone OH
State Treasurer Henry E.M. Beck ME
State Treasurer Matthew Colpitts ME

Posted by Colleen Gutierrez on Feb 20, 2019 2:26 PM America/New_York

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