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Advocacy Target Update

New officials are now contactable and available in our July 16th Advocacy Target update. You'll find them when you select targets for your action or call alerts.

State officials now available as targets for advocacy communications are: 
State Attorney General Clare E. Connors HI
State Insurance Commissioner     Colin M. Hayashida HI
State Insurance Commissioner Jeff Rude WY
State Insurance Commissioner John F. King GA
State Representative Bradley 'Brad' Stephens IL
State Representative Davina Duerr WA
State Representative Jeffrey 'Jeff' C. McNeely NC
State Representative Mary Young CO
State Secretary James Schwab CA
State Senator Denyc N. Boles OR
State Senator Derek Stanford WA
State Senator Robert 'Rob' F. Martwick Jr.     IL
State Treasurer Curt T. Otaguro HI

Posted by Colleen Gutierrez on Jul 18, 2019 3:01 PM America/New_York

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