Which Blackbaud tool would the heroes of Avengers: Infinity War feel closest to? 4636

Which Blackbaud tool would the heroes of Avengers: Infinity War feel closest to?

I have three important questions to ask before you read on:
  • Have you ever heard of a Blackbaud product that you don't know and wanted to know more?
  • Do you learn from analogies?
  • Are you excited about Avengers: Infinity War?
If you answered yes to those three questions you're the very specific target audience for this post! Read on!

Capt. America – (“on” Products) – Captain America is an expert tactician and strategist. His skills as a leader and communicator help him to bring teams together and integrate different skill sets to combat challenges.
Integrating information and resources is what “on” products for K-12 schools are all about too. Coordinating information between enrollment systems, CMS, LMS, and more “on” Products can help make super schools, something the Super Soldier would appreciate.

Iron Man – (Raiser’s Edge/Financial Edge NXT) – Iron Man has a gadget for every problem and the mobility to take that power wherever it needs to be. With his built in AI Jarvis he can understand and analyze many variables to use the right tool for the job.
With Iron Man the power in the palm of his hand is a Repulsor Beam, with NXT users it’s their smartphone browser logged in to Blackbaud.com. The challenges nonprofits face might be a different caliber than Thanos but with the right tools and information success is made a lot easier.

Black Widow – (eTapestry) – As an international spy and master of espionage, Black Widow is known for her efficiency, subtlety, and adaptability. While she has some tools at her disposal she’s never been known for her gadgets, her reputation is based on her ability to face and overcome all kinds of challenges despite the odds.
eTapestry isn’t known for all its bells and whistles either, it’s known for being a flexible tool designed to help organizations grow. The platform lends itself to creativity and development and allows its users to be agile in tracking and analyzing the data they need.  

The Hulk – (ResearchPoint) – For nonprofits, information is strength but the ability to access and use that strength requires some finesse. ResearchPoint gives an organization access to an incredible amount of information and powerful tools that can help how to use it.
Like ResearchPoint, The Hulk is a creature of incredible power. The Hulk would be a relentless force of nature without the mind and intelligence of Bruce Banner directing it and a team aware of its capabilities respecting and directing that power.

Thor – (Attentive.ly) – The mighty god of thunder, Thor is renowned across for the nine realms for his strength and determination. His feats of valor and courage are an inspiration to others…and he’d be one of the first to tell you all about them.
 The charismatic Asgardian would enjoy the ability better engage his existing supporters and understand their ability to build his influence. Knowing which of his tales are resonating with the masses, the legend of Thor would only grow.

Hawkeye – (Luminate Online) – No Avenger is more focused on accuracy and targeting than Hawkeye. He may not have made it on to the poster but Hawkeye has the training and skills to make sure that to get the team’s message where it needs to be. Luminate Online has the tools to make sure you get your message to your audience and resources that will help you improve your aim.
Hawkeye is also the Avenger most relatable to everyday people and that connection gives him a level of empathy the others sometimes lack. He’d probably appreciate a tool like TeamRaiser as well.

Vision – (CRM) – An android created by Ultron and the power of the Mind Stone, Vision is a being of incredible power and the Avengers are lucky to have him on their side. His skill set includes abilities like shapeshifting, regeneration, and intangibility. Vision has even shown himself worthy of wielding Mjølnir, the hammer of Thor.
Like Vision, Blackbaud CRM is incredibly powerful. Designed to be an organization’s single system for constituent management this cloud-based CRM has tools for moves management, integrated communications. As a technopath and shapeshifter, Vision would appreciate the system’s customization to its users and its ability to manage vast amounts of data.

Doctor Strange – (Blackbaud Communities) -  Drawing on power and wisdom from mystical entities and the knowledge of ancients is kind of Doctor Strange’s thing. It’s also what Blackbaud Communities is all about, just with a touch less mysticism and I don’t want to call any of my readers “ancients” either.
The Sorcerer Supreme is also known for imbuing object with magical powers as well. While the Community Ninja badge might not be able grant its holders the abilities like the Eye of Agamotto, I’m sure anyone whose earned it is capable in their own right.

Guardians of the Galaxy – (Altru) – Arts and Culture organizations often have greater diversity in their revenue streams and marketing approaches than most organizations work with and Altru can be a solution to approaching those challenges.
The Guardians are a group of galactic adventures has the power and adaptability to face any threat, but they must work together to do so. Like Altru and its users the Guardians’ diverse skill set and background make them a formidable force to behold.

Black Panther – (SKY) – Black Panther is a warrior with enhanced abilities trained from birth to protect his people. It’s his other role as King of Wakanda that sets him apart from other heroes though, not his abilities or fighting skills.
Governing requires information and the ability to work with it efficiently and having tools like SKY available can certainly help with that task. SKY is powered by big data instead of vibranium but both can help their users approach challenges with confidence
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Wakanda Forever!
Sara Link Sara Link Nov '18
I love this post- I came from a company/industry more comparable to Game of Thrones.   These comparisons are much better : )
Raiser's Edge [GLOBAL DELETE!!!]  -Thanos
We started as #TeamHulk and moved into #TeamIronHulk (I'm merging teams!)
This is super cute! Love it! 
I absolutely love this blog as a huge data nerdy and a marvel fanatic. I agree that Bruce would be ResearchPoint!
Fantastic post, Matt!
So thankful for Iron Man & The Hulk! 
What a creative way to segment BB products Matt!
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#GuardiansoftheGalaxy all the way :)
This is fun!
Iron Man
team - Iron Man
But only when I'm at work, I'd prefer other heroes outside of work...
I second Holly's comment!
Not much for Avengers, but my ignorance and your blog inspired me to read on! Thanks!