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Over the holidays, I was visiting with some friends—a mix of nonprofit and corporate professionals. As usual, the conversation revolved around our jobs. And once again, someone asked me, “What exactly is an instructional designer?”
I proudly said, “I create training courses for social good organizations.”
Someone across the room replied, “Oh, well—I don’t believe in investing in training for my staff. What if they up and leave?”

After a brief pause, I replied, “But what if they STAY? Doesn’t your company deserve to be set up for success?”


I hope what I said resonated with him. As Richard Branson says, “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Top Tip: Make your staff feel valued by investing in their professional development. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a trained and engaged staff. 

Did You Know: According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, a whopping 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

If you feel the same as my friend, let me elaborate. Even if we hire staff members who come to our organizations fully trained and up to speed on every new trend, things move quickly in today’s world. A couple of years ago, I couldn’t imagine using my phone to order my groceries and turn on the oven, but technology is changing. We need to keep up to enjoy the benefits! 

Think About It: Do you and your staff know the current trends and where the social good sector is going? Do you know where you are going and how to get there?

Top Tip: Try these 6 SMART steps to plan a successful new year.

Blackbaud University has upped its game to help guide you and your staff to be successful, efficient, and effective—so you can accomplish your mission. Our Organizational Best Practices curriculum has been completely overhauled and redesigned with new courses for 2019.

Think About It: When was the last time you evaluated or updated your professional development plans?

Did You Know: Over 6,000 social good organizations and over 20,000 professionals partnered with Blackbaud University in 2018 for professional development.

We’ve defined the core pillars of professional development for successful social good organizations. Here’s what we have in store:

FundraisingLearn to create a robust fundraising strategy to maximize your potential. Raise more dollars and retain more donors.

Marketing – Learn to craft and share your brand and mission more effectively. Send audience-focused messages through multiple channels.

EssentialsLearn strategies to optimize your staff and processes across the social good ecosystem. Maximize your events, scholarships, finance, and more.

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Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jan 8, 2019 11:08 AM America/New_York

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“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”
  • Posted Mon 14 Jan 2019 10:43 AM EST
so many opportunities
  • Posted Fri 26 Apr 2019 11:20 PM EDT