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Prospecting For The Endgame: Week 4

Prospecting for the Endgame: Week 4
In last week’s episode, our Avengers assembled! …along with a bunch of other prospects from the Marvel Universe. My prospects have been Identified, and I’ve started to Qualify who I’m going to focus on. Now, it’s time to dig deeper into what we know about our prospects and find out how they can best partner with us to accomplish our mission.

Give Donors Lots of Opportunities
It’s important to have diverse revenue streams and engagement pipelines as part of your fundraising strategy. The more opportunities available, the more likely a prospect might be interested. Spiderman won’t be swinging into action for a stuffy donor event, but he might get involved with a peer-to-peer fundraising event, and I’d be lucky to get someone so young involved in my mission.

The easier you make it to give and get involved, the better your donor acquisition will be. The easier you make it to stay involved, the better your retention will be.

Size up Your Prospects
Now that I knew WHO to prioritize, I wanted to figure out WHAT kind of giving stream would be best for them. Some of my prospects, like Tony Stark, are clearly influential, have great networks to build from, and would be excellent as an event sponsor. Others, like Captain America, are known for being reliable and dedicated. I’d be remiss if I didn’t let them know about my sustainer giving program.

There are lots of clues donors give about how they want to get engaged. Understanding your donors beyond their giving history is key. Gender, age, and education can be just as meaningful to how a donor gives as assets and their personal network. My donor data is attached to this blog.

Match the Donor to the Opportunity

Based on what I know about my donors and what statistics are available about donor behavior, I could see a lot of matches between my prospects and potential revenue streams. Millennial donors are more likely to give through social media. Boomers give more. Mature donors give even more. Women are more likely to give than men. Women are also much more likely to get involved with peer-to-peer giving.

Pepper Potts really stands out as a strong prospect for just about any involvement. Shuri seems like a great fit, too. Loki seems like a strong contender for naming opportunities, but I’d want to be sure there were no strings attached to the gift offer. Here’s how they broke down:
Sustaining Planned P2P Major Gifts Events
Black Widow Loki Spider-Man Black Panther Tony Stark
Bucky Barnes Black Widow Capt. America Doctor Strange Black Panther
Nick Fury Nick Fury Mantis Thor Pepper Potts
Bruce Banner Vision Star-Lord Okoye  
Vision   Capt. Marvel Pepper Potts  
War Machine   Ant Man Thanos  
Sam Wilson   Phil Coulson Shuri  
Phil Coulson   Sam Wilson    
Capt. America   War Machine    

Join us Next Week…

Our prospect pool is prioritized, so when we continue, I’ll be focusing on only my major donors. We’re down from 30 to 7. No one let me near the Infinity Gauntlet, so I’m apparently harsher than Thanos. This narrow of a pool will make building Cultivation Plans a “Snap!”
While you wait you can learn more about how to keep your donors engaged in our OBP: Fundraising – Donor Retention workshop.

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Posted by Matt Connell on Apr 3, 2019 11:00 AM America/New_York

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Thanks for sharing!
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Love this whole theme and process!
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our weakness
  • Posted Fri 26 Apr 2019 11:12 PM EDT
This is a fun theme - I'd love to share this with my APRA chapter!
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