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Pier-to-Peer (not A Typo)

I’m into puns (you’ve been warned). Luckily, our newest course, Organizational Best Practices: Basics of Peer-to-Peer, lends itself to the art of punning. Peer in the noun form means friend or acquaintance. Peer as a verb means to look closely or earnestly. And pier as a nautical structure means a solid support used as a landing stage for boats. It’s this last one that most interests me.

Pretend that your nonprofit is a pier. You are the bridge between solid land and open water (think of traditional, controlled fundraising and modern crowdsourced fundraising). Your designated fundraisers are small dinghy boats tied to the side of your organization. Your staff members have filled those boats with toolkits, supplies, and guidelines for success. Now it’s time to loosen the ropes and let those dinghies reel in dollars on your behalf. Does this analogy make sense? Want to learn more?

Take this course to learn about: 20 unique peer-to-peer fundraising ideas; the most common peer-to-peer event types and revenue breakdown; how to start a peer-to-peer campaign; and how to support, engage, and steward peer-to-peer fundraisers. Be the pier. Fill your boats. Arm your peers. And peer through the fundraising fog until you see the light. Sign up today!
Posted by Emily Steinbauer on Oct 22, 2019 11:53 AM America/New_York

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Check out this course and begin to unlock the potential power that is in your P2P network
  • Posted Tue 03 Dec 2019 09:28 AM EST
Great read!
  • Posted Fri 13 Dec 2019 10:04 AM EST