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Foundation Of Foundations

Say you want to build a dream house. A beautiful, solid, and sturdy house. What’s the first thing you need? Some of you might answer money, and some of you might answer a foundation. Both answers are right!

Now let’s say you want to build a dream nonprofit. A philanthropic, efficient, and successful organization. You need the same things—money and a foundation. In the nonprofit world, foundations and money go hand-in-hand. Foundations are the source of money that allows social good to occur.

Want to learn more about foundations? In our new course Organizational Best Practices: Basics of Foundations, learn about how foundations operate, common foundation types, key players, and market trends. Let this course be the solid foundation for your foundation knowledge.
Posted by Emily Steinbauer on Dec 9, 2019 11:38 AM America/New_York

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The link doesn't work. Page doesn't load.
  • Posted Mon 09 Dec 2019 02:22 PM EST
Hi Vickie, which browser did you use? Explorer is not friendly but Google Chrome and Firefox should work. Thanks!
  • Posted Mon 09 Dec 2019 02:33 PM EST
Great to see this for Foundations!! 
  • Posted Fri 13 Mar 2020 11:57 AM EDT