February Featured Classes 6438

February Featured Classes

ceee94910b5d37955977f704598a8e8a-huge-goCan you believe it’s already February? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air— especially our love of learning! Here are a few Organizational Best Practices workshops Blackbaud University is offering this month to help you make meaningful changes at your organization:
 Finance - Organizational Collaboration: Create and promote a culture of collaboration between finance and other departments
Fundraising - Peer-to-Peer: Harness the power of peer-to-peer networks to raise more funds at your organization
Fundraising - Case Statements: Effectively make the case for why someone should support your organization
Marketing - Brand: Make your organization stand out from the crowd with consistent, mission-focused branding
Events - On a Budget: Host memorable, mission-driven events without breaking the bank

Do you work for an arts and cultural organization? This month, we’re releasing two brand-new 90-minute workshops on creating effective and inclusive programming and engaging current members while recruiting new ones.

Want to try in-person Organizational Best Practices training? We’re offering a one-day, interactive workshop focused on donor retention and major giving this April in New York City. Take advantage of the collective knowledge and experiences of both your peers and your seasoned instructor to hear how organizations face challenges like yours. At the end of the day, you’ll walk out with an integrated, holistic plan to start immediately improving donor retention and major giving at your organization.

Can’t make it to New York City? We’ve still got you covered with our virtual, instructor-led workshops on donor retention and major giving this February.

What are you going to learn this February? Share in the comments below!
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