3 Reasons to Download the 2019 Charitable Giving Report 6520

3 Reasons to Download the 2019 Charitable Giving Report

Blackbaud Institute’s 2019 Charitable Giving Report is now available! If you’re unfamiliar, this annual report is one of the most highly sought-after resources in the philanthropic sector. Looking at 2019 trends in philanthropy, it offers guidance on how social good professionals can benchmark their organizations and shares best practices to boost fundraising performance. If that’s not enticing enough, here are 3 reasons you’ll want to download the report:

1. Trends and benchmarks 
This year’s report includes a breakdown of overall and online giving performance by subsector and organization size, donor profile statistics like retention and average age, mobile trends and more!

      1. Sneak peek: Use this data to evaluate your performance and benchmark against your peers to identify strengths and opportunities for your organization. The report offers some key tips for benchmarking.  
      2. Sneak peek: Long-term trends can be more beneficial than short-term performance metrics. Year-over-year reviews can help you pinpoint various factors that could affect giving performance, like events and seasonality.

2. Beyond the numbers
This year, we’ve expanded the report to include greater insights and context than ever before. You’ll find tactical tips on topics such as retention and engagement that your organization can use to improve fundraising performance in 2020 and beyond.
      1. Sneak peek:. 26% of online donations were made using a mobile device. Is your organization optimized for mobile? Mobile-friendly websites, emails, and donation forms should work together to ensure a cohesive giving experience for your supporters.

3. Bonus: The Explorer
While the Charitable Giving Report aims to give you the full 2019 retrospective, The Explorer is available to keep things relevant throughout the year.
Good news - months after you’ve downloaded and absorbed the Charitable Giving Report’s goodness, you can pop over to The Explorer for a refresher of the data. The Explorer is the premier knowledge base for social good information, helping you to stay up to date with trends and best practices. Information from the Charitable Giving Report is included, with even more updates in the works. Visit periodically when you have a question about giving, or explore yourself to find out something new. 

So let me know: what have you found useful from the Charitable Giving Report?

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