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Why Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Events Should be the New Normal


As offices are reopening, one of the popular topics of conversation among my friends is whether or not to go back into the office (especially if given the choice). Some of my friends, especially the more extroverted, are excited to go back into the office, either every day or most days. Some of my friends have decided to go with a hybrid model, working remotely most of the time and going into the office occasionally. And some of my friends have discovered they prefer being fully remote and plan to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

In addition to how and where we work, the last year brought many changes to our peer-to-peer events as well. Most organizations quickly shifted to a virtual-only model for their spring and summer events. In the fall, winter, and moving toward this spring, we saw more and more hybrid events. These events included both in-person and virtual options.

3088f2120f736f14383e25ec1c768a09-originaSo, what will the future bring when it comes to peer-to-peer events? While we are seeing more in-person events being scheduled, we are also seeing a continuation of virtual participation options. Blended events are the “new normal.” While there are some people and some events that certainly thrive in an in-person situation, there are many reasons for continuing to offer virtual options:

  • Some people may not feel comfortable participating in in-person events
  • Some people who are differently abled may prefer or only be able to participate virtually, since they are not able to (or not easily able to) participate in person
  • Some people may not live near your organization or where you are hosting the event, but a virtual option allows them to feel connected no matter the distance
  • Your organization can expand the number of participants without having to spend extra overhead to find a location to accommodate a large in-person group

Providing variety allows people to participate in your events and fundraisers in the way they feel most comfortable.

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Do you have a favorite hybrid event example that your organization has hosted or which you have seen? Leave a comment below letting us know all about it.

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