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  • BBU Headline Photo
    It’s OK To Be A Passenger Seat Driver
    Being a passenger means you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Or, maybe not. I understand. According to my husband, I’m the typical “passenger seat driver”. He says I look away long enough to not pay attention and then – when I turn my head forward – “GASSSSPPP, we almost hit that car!” At the time, I’m thinking, “Good thing I was here to help save both ... more
  • BBU
    Using History to Shape Our Future
    “ We are not makers of history. We are made by history .” – Martin Luther King, Jr. History is not just a subject we learn in school. It’s not just an interesting movie. History shapes us. It shapes how we face the world, how we make decisions, and how we function as a society. Major events in history can help us realize weaknesses, change our perspective, and ... more
  • Blackbaud University
    It’s All About Who Your Supporters Know
    When I learn that a dear friend or family member is deeply invested in raising funds for a specific cause, I want to learn more about the cause. And, even if it turns out their cause is not something that directly relates to me, knowing it is near and dear to their heart makes the difference in my choosing to support the cause. Peer-to-peer fundraising uses ... more