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An Ounce Of Prevention

We’ve all heard the expression an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The same holds true for your Raiser’s Edge fiscal year-end or calendar year-end preparation!

You wouldn’t take a trip without planning how you will get there.

You wouldn’t take an exam without studying.

You wouldn’t cook before washing your hands.

So, why would you approach year-end without prior planning?

Annual reports, donor statements, annual audits, and database changes all benefit from forethought and planning. Ensure that your year-end prep goes smoothly and that you’re not scrambling to catch up!

Here are some tips to reinforce your year-end process:
  • Use the Top Donors Report to highlight your organization’s largest donors
  • Review and update your Donor Categories in Configuration > Tables
  • Reference “Audit” in the Description field of the reports you use for your annual audit
    • Or save the reports to the Favorites folder of your Home page so you can find them quickly and easily
Come learn even more in our new course, Raiser’s Edge: Preparing for Year-End. You’ll learn about vital year-end tasks and how to prepare for them ahead of time.

Get the experience you need to ensure your year-end tasks always go as smoothly as possible.
Posted by Mike Adams on May 20, 2020 11:12 AM America/New_York

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