Everything you need to know about SKY Reporting for K-12

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  • Getting Started With Dashboard Attribute Filters
    To use an attribute filter, select Edit , move Attribute Filter from under New item to the dashboard, choose the attribute and criteria of the records to include, and then select Apply . By default, your dashboard includes the Date range filter. With this filter, you can analyze records in context of a specific time period, such as Last 7 days or This ... more
  • June 28, 2017 Release: EAP Updates
    Starting today, 'ON' users with the SKY Reporting role can access the initial version of the Dashboard builder. Use the Dashboard page to create, edit and delete one dashboard page, which is visible to all users with SKY Reporting role access at your school.  In a later release, you'll be able to create more than one dashboard, but for now, everyone at a ... more
  • Insights: When To Choose Which Format
    When you build an insight, you can choose to display its data as a table or a column, bar, or line chart. As you design your insight, its format is an important decision. When you choose which format to use, we recommend you consider the audience, data, and intent of your insight. more
  • Using Pie Charts In Insights!
    In a pie chart, your data appears as a circle divided into slices — like, well, a pie — to represent each value's proportion within the whole. With SKY Reporting , you can use the pie chart to compare: Multiple related measures An attribute's categories within a measure A measure by a specific time period, such as fiscal year To design an insight as a pie ... more
  • Getting Started With Insights!
    While the K-12 ON Products  provide useful analysis out-of-the-box, you can design your own as  insights . With this custom analysis, you can analyze measures in context of various characteristics — or  attributes  — to best meet your specialized needs and drive action.   more