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Admin Best Practices: All About Enrollment

The Smart Family ID number changes each school year. Most people know this but are curious as to the reasoning why it exists.

Here’s your answer: the activity on the family accounts point to reports associated with that school year. This makes reconciliation more compartmentalized and manageable.

The 13-digit ID# is made up of three items:
  • School ID# with Smart
  • School year
  • Family identification number
For example, in 1234517000000, the school ID is# 12345 and the year: 17 and the family is 000000. Next year, the number will change from 1234517000000 to 1234518000000 while the rest remains the same.

Did you accidentally add the same family twice? No worries! Smart has methods in place to prevent duplicate accounts. If you are entering in data that matches another account (demographics), the system will notice and place the account in the Fix folder via the Enrollment Center Tab for additional review.

This will indicate to the school that there is a possible duplicate. You can determine if it is a true duplicate by researching the family information in the system to locate the original account. Your account management team will need to assist you with accepting or removing the duplicate.

If your school has a policy you’d like viewed by all your families, we can assist! Imagine your school policy on the enrollment website as part of the account set up. We can upload all your families’ demographics into the system. An e-mail invitation will be sent to each family to request asking them to verify the demographics uploaded, and set up their payment method etc. The next step includes your school policy. The parents must check off to confirm they’ve read the terms & conditions. This is a great method to replace paper contracts and go paperless in a digital world.  

Have prospect students who is not quite finished with the school’s internal registration process? The wait list folder was created to hold an account for a student who is almost admitted but just quite not there yet. Schools can enter the family in Smart but keep them on a “hold” so to speak. Once a family commits via contract/payment based on the school requirements, you can remove the family from the wait list and make them active with other families in your school.

Keep an eye out for my next blog for more tips & tricks!
Posted by Heather Niven on Jul 13, 2017 1:41 PM America/New_York

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