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Admin Best Practices- Payments & Donations

Families often ask if they can use an overpayment as a donation to the school/church. If this is for a single family, you can make an adjustment on the account to record the value that is being donated. If you feel you will have additional quantities of donations, we offer a program called Buy Now, Give Now for additional collection needs.

Encourage families to pay via Smart Tuition.  Here are a few reasons why families should pay via Smart:
  • Safety first! Do not send cash or checks with personal information with a student. Paying via Smart allows you to know that the case is getting to where it needs to be without a physical copy floating around.
  • -Smart offers a variety of payment methods based on school approval: web/phone/automatic-checking/savings, online bill pay, mobile app and credit cards per state approval.
  • -One less trip to the bank means more time to get things done! School administrators wear many hats; this is something we can take off the schools to do list.
  • -Automatic payments with Smart Tuition are free and will help reduce lost payments in the mail.
Smart does not consider a payment missing until 3 weeks have gone by. First things first, let’s determine if the payment has been cashed. Money orders, credit card statements, and cashed checks can be researched by your Account Manager. We wouldn’t recommend to stop a payment unless it is the last resort, and/or 30 days have passed.  

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Posted by Heather Niven on Jul 16, 2017 4:14 PM America/New_York

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