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Anatomy Of A Giving Day Project

A giving day is a time-blocked fundraising event that brings together your community to rally and raise as much as possible in a single day.  With a Giving Day project add on service, the Blackbaud Professional Services will build and deploy a Giving Day landing page to take your campaign to the next level. This cost effective single page solution creates a true social fundraising experience highlighting progress, top fundraisers, and social conversations to increase adoption, donor participation and conversion.

Before getting started, it may be helpful to understand the anatomy of a Giving Day Project.  Use the below image to get familiar with the Giving Day Project layout so when you begin your Professional Services engagement, you understand what content lives where.

Get familiar with the anatomy of a Giving Day Project by exploring the image below.

Giving Day Project (click to enlarge)

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Posted by Marssie Versola on May 12, 2019 9:03 PM America/New_York

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