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Utilizing Your Data 


Did you know that if you are located in the United States, you can integrate your JustGiving data with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT or Blackbaud eTapestry? Conveniently integrating the fundraiser and donor details gets you even closer to a 360-degree view of your supporters. Take a look at our top tips for setting up and configuring your integration now, as well as utilizing various reports if integration is not necessary or available.

Integrate with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT (United States only*)

Through our propriety integration with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, you can turn on a one-directional sync from JustGiving to Raiser’s Edge NXT. Data is pushed over throughout the day and administrators can process batches to commit donations, donor details, and fundraising page updates.


Key Features:

  • Smart configuration with default or customized mapping to desired Campaigns, Funds and Appeals

  • Instinctive constituent matching from Raiser’s Edge NXT and automatic record creation for new contacts

  • Better insights with special Raiser’s Edge NXT tiles that highlight fundraising page details on the constituent’s record

  • Instantly in the know with donations (including fees) from JustGiving landing in your Raiser’s Edge NXT batches for processing within minutes of transaction

As a Raiser’s Edge NXT and JustGiving customer, you can turn on the integration under the Control Panel’s Settings section. We highly recommend you modify the default configuration. This integration is optimized regularly, so if you tried it in the past and turned it off, take a look and see if new advancements warrant a second chance.

Pro Tip: After you set the initial configuration, you can edit the default settings or configure settings for specific campaigns; for each JustGiving campaign and event, you can set a fund, appeal, and campaign. When a JustGiving gift comes from one of these specific campaigns or events, it will be applied to these fields rather than what you've previously selected for default settings for the JustGiving Integration.


To learn more about the integration, you can read our Help Documentation or watch a recent webinar.

*This integration is currently in an early adopter program for Canada. It is coming soon to all Canadian-based nonprofits. Stay informed on the status by attending our Product Update Briefings.

Integrate with eTapestry:

With the JustGiving integration for eTapestry, you can import donations, campaigns, events, and page details from JustGiving to your database. This integration is available globally and sends data into eTapestry nightly.


Key Outcomes:

  • Increases visibility of constituent activity with nightly imports of donations, campaign-related details, event association, and fundraising page insights

  • Saves time with less data entry; accounts automatically created, or participation and transaction information added if the account already exists in your database

  • Stronger insights because contact information, gift details and participation will be tracked in account, transaction, fundraiser and journal fields

  • Improves participant conversion by adding a link to encourage event registrants to create a personal fundraising page

As an eTapestry and JustGiving customer, you can turn on the integration under the Management>Integrations section.

Pro Tip: Create and associate an event in JustGiving for every campaign you build in JustGiving. This will allow you to map the JustGiving event to a default fund, campaign, or approach in eTapestry. We highly recommend you complete a modest “self-donation” to your organization on JustGiving to see how the donation comes through into eTapestry.

To learn more about the integration, you can read our Help Documentation or watch a recent webinar.

Not using one of these CRMs?

We also offer various reports to export and import into your CRM of choice. These can be saved as a personal template to make importing even more convenient.

Key Reports:

  • Payment Report- gives you a detailed breakdown of the donations processed through the Donor Advised Fund.

  • If you are using Blackbaud Merchant Services for payment processing, this report will be blank; you can log into the BBMS Web Portal and filter based on JustGiving transactions.

  • Fundraising Page Report- critical fundraiser information, including the supporter’s contact details and how much they’ve raised.

  • Donation Report- shows transaction and contact details for donations made through fundraising pages, campaigns, or via your profile page.

Regardless of your CRM, integration or location, all JustGiving customers can run these reports.

Pro Tip: To save you time modifying the CSV later, go ahead and set your date format and preferred column arrangement before running the report or saving the template.


To learn more about the reports, you can read our Help Documentation or watch a recent webinar.

Tips for Data Usage

  1. Building relationships. Things like contacting those who raised $250+ and thanking them or calling first time donors who gave $100+ and introducing them to your organization can really go a long way! Keep an eye out on the consent columns to honor and respect your supporters' preferences.
  2. Helping your fundraisers. Use the Fundraiser Report to see who is falling short of their goal. Call or email them with helpful tips. You can re-purpose our free customizable toolkits.
  3. Tracking your conversions. If you customized your donation link, you can track the outcomes via the donation report.

Do you have any questions about how to turn on the integration or export the reports? Chat with Support now.

Do you have ideas for how we can make the integration better? Please add recommendations to our Ideas Bank.

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