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Managing Inactive Applicants In Award Management

We've heard from many of you that you need a better way to track applicants who have become inactive in your Award Management system. Whether a student transferred, was not admitted, or dropped out - it is not rare to have applicants in your system who are no longer active.
You can use an import file to designate applicants as inactive in your system. Setting up the new "inactive applicant header" and "answer" fields on your User Imports page will tell the Award Management system how to identify any applicant who has become inactive.
This new field will stop all communications from the Award Management system from going to inactive applicants. This will ensure that applicants who will not be attending your institution do not receive any emails that are no longer relevant to them, such as "New Apply-To Opportunities Available" or "Drafted Applications Closing Soon".

This will also provide your admins with more visibility into which applicants have become inactive. After setting up the fields on your User Imports page, you will see a new yes/no column, "Active Applicant", on applications grids, the All Reviews grids, and the Applicants grid. Inactive applicants will also be marked with an 
Inactive label below their name in applicant-centric awarding.
You can learn more about how to set up this field, and the effects it will have on your system under the "Designate inactive applicants" section here.
Posted by Carrie Goldberger on Apr 18, 2019 10:43 AM America/New_York

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